1. Flying tomorrow jfk-pbi. First class completely empty. Do you know why there would be no complimentary upgrade before check in. Called the PM line and they couldn’t even tell me why. Anyone experience this before? Maybe looking for revenue at the gate?

  2. Thanks Rene. My reservation does say upgrade requested. But great reminder to always double check.

  3. Rene,
    Congrats on getting your Diamond status so early and finding out about Skymiles 2016 for us. I am getting more and more frustrated with Delta and the dilution of my benefits. Do i need to be a Delta 360 to get use out of them? As a new Diamond member this year, I have chosen Global Upgrades as one of my choice benefits. Forget about the regular domestic upgrades. I am always 8th or 9th on the list for 0 or 1 seat left these days. But back to the globals. I have tried on no less than 9 different city pairs with probably 25 different ways to get there on about 78 different dates and have gotten turned down every single time. I no longer work and my schedule is very very flexible. I am picking flights where there is either 0 or just 2 seats taken in Business class and they say, no luck. My question to you, is, are these benefits worthless? Why give them out if we cannot use them? What do we have to do in order to redeem them? And they do not make it easy for the Diamond Desk or us to find availability. Wouldn’t it be nice to have a search tool that gives us at least a 30 day window that allows us to see whether a global upgrade is available on a segment or not? What is so hard about that? I mean they could even make it so only Diamonds could access that calendar. I don’t know, does that seem like such a bad thing? Will the world end if they make it easier for us all to see availability? Think about how much time I would have saved myself on the phone as well as the time of the agent if they would allow us to find our own availability. They do allow us this search tool with our first class companion passes, so why not these? Just very frustrated.

    • @Scott – Look at flights 6-12 months out and you will find MUCH open space for GU certs. Or, go waitlised and hope they clear. I used all mine, including all my RU certs as well. Just takes work like all things Delta.

  4. I am currently a Diamond for the past four years, 7K away from Diamond this year with four trips scheduled between now and mid September. I need to spend 12K for my second tier MQMs with Plat. AMEX.
    1. After I do this would you then move from Delta Plat. AMEX to Delta Reserve AMEX?
    2. I am having a tough time using my second batch of Regional Upgrades for two to Maui this December.
    3. I am truly very sad about my personal treatment as a Diamond million miler and have began to battle back at every chance I get leaving no prisoners instead of just letting it go like I use to do.

    • @Jeff – No Reserve give more UGs. Yes RUs are not wide open. Call for space before you book. Point 3 yes DL no longer cares about us as DMs 🙁

  5. Was planning to attend the Chicago Seminars but have a family emergency so will miss it this year. Could you give us some highlights on your blog after the weekend? Thanks!

    • @Colleen – Sorry to hear you can not make it and hope all goes well. No, the items I share at the Chicago Seminars I can not blog about.

  6. I have a question on choice rewards. I have been Platinum for several years but this year dropped to Gold. I just qualified for Platinum again earlier this month. When I went to choose my 2015 choice reward, I was presented with a page that only permits me to select 2016. I called Delta and was told I did not qualify for 2015 choice rewards notwithstanding the fact I just made Platinum for 2015, but they could not explain why. I recall years ago when I first made Platinum late in the year I was eligible for the choice reward both that current year and the next.

    Any idea why they are denying me the 2015 choice reward? Thanks. Scott

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