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  1. If I am silver in Marriott right now and have 25 stays coming up till end of the year. will it not be better to stay at SPG and earn Platinum, rather than getting gold at Marriott

    • @Gurmeet – Yes IF and again I say IF you can get 25 stays before year end with SPG they yes do that much smarter. Then link (do not link now).

  2. Carl Anderson Reply

    Question – I have been a Hilton Diamond for years. It appears as though I will not make it this year, and won’t be close enough for a status stay. I am a Delta Platinum for 2017.

    For 2017, do I run with Hilton Gold Status, or start SPG Crossover Rewards?


    • @Carl – For next year SPG as it is now is still going to be around. The only issue is after that it is all Marriott. So, do you want to be Marriott Platinum 2018 (if you earn it in 2017 at SPG). If you are just talking points SPG points are still very valuable. You can btw get Hilton Gold status free with non-Delta AMEX Platinum cards.

  3. Leslie Dillett Reply

    Good evening Mr Rene my name is Leslie would you be so kind in reaching out to me please. I have a couple of questions regarding the travel. You can contact me via email.. Thank you much.

  4. Do SPG points expire? Since I closed my Amex SPG, I’ve not earned more points nor stayed in an SPG property. There’s no expiration date for my SPG points on the SPG website, but Award Wallet says they calculated their own estimated expiration date for my SPG points based on my having no activity for the past 12 months.

  5. Please explain how Audience Rewards earns SPG points. I used to answer these trivia questions for SPG points, but I thought AR removed the ability to credit SPG.

    • @Rick – Ah they may have updated that as you could in the past. Been a long time since I used them. Look to Crossover Rewards as the best way to keep SPG points active. Until that maybe goes away. And then SPG goes away 🙁

  6. Even tho I’m Plat with DL, I have no status with SPG so am not eligible for Crossover Rewards. Does transferring MR points from my partner’s MR to his SPG to my SPG count to reset the SPG clock? (I don’t think so.) Otherwise, I could buy 500 SPG points for $17.50. Other ideas?

  7. @Rene, I called Delta’s Plat Elite customer svc, and they say that in order to earn SPG points for DL flts, customers must be SPG Gold or higher. I’m only SPG Preferred so I get only their best wishes.

    • @Rick – If you have the non-Delta Platinum card you get free SPG Gold fyi.

  8. Rene,

    Check this email out that I received from IHG, when I asked where my MasterCard was! Another bait and switch from IHG, this time regarding their “Priceless Experiences” promotion. I am not done with them yet !

    Thank you for your email.

    I sincerely apologize if you have not received the reward card for Priceless Experiences. We have had some issues which resulted for members to not receive them. I have just received an update from our contact that we can no longer award reward cards this time. For Spire Elite members, they’ll be awarded for 20,000 points instead. Again, I apologize for the inconvenience, Mr. Moore. Please be advised that I have now issued the said amount to your account. This brings your point balance to xxxxxxx and this should be available for viewing on your online account.

    Should you need further assistance, please do not hesitate to contact us. Attached is the link to our service centers’ phone numbers page:

  9. Any clue on German hotel cancellation penalty rules? I recently booked 2 Holiday Inn Express reservation in Germany using refundable rates (not prepays). I’m still planning my June itinerary and since several hotels near one destination are already sold out, I thought it best to grab a reservation asap.

    BEFORE booking, the page said “FREE Cancellation until 4:00 PM local hotel time on Sun xx Jun 2018.” AFTER booking, the following language showed up on my printed confirmation.

    “*Cancellation policy for hotels in Germany: There will be a deduction from this charge for expenses saved by the hotel (generally 10% of the booking price and 20% for accommodation with breakfast).”

    I called IHG reservations and the agent said the hotels make the policy and if I cancel the reservation they will charge a 20% penalty (because HIE includes breakfast. After expressing my outrage, I was transferred to a Customer Relations Case Manager at IGH corporate headquarters in South Carolina who promised there would be no charge if I cancelled before the stated June xx cutoff date.

    A FlyerTalk Forum mentioned that while the English is confusing, it is actually a consumer protection law in Germany that even if the hotel charges for late cancellation (within the 48 hours) on either a flexible or prepay ticket, they can charge NO MORE than a 90% penalty (100%-10%) or if meals included NO MORE than 80% penalty (100%-20%), because it saves the hotel some operational money if the room remains empty and do not require cleaning or food consumption.

    I have been a Holiday Inn Priority Club member since the 1990s, as well as high tier for Hilton, Marriott/SPG, and Hyatt. I have never, ever seen such a statement, including on an additional booking I made at a German Hampton Inn. One of the reasons I like US chain hotels is that they are easy to do business with in this regard.

    Any thoughts or experience to share?

    • @Glenn – As you point out, if some local laws or issues pop up I would hold IHG will honor what their USA published T&C says. Beyond that I can not really offer much more.

  10. THE IHG program seems almost worthless. Many times I find to use the points they want additional cash amounts higher than paying strictly cash for the room. Insane. Is chasing status ever worth while? It seems more sensible to take free status by holding a credit card or the American Express Platinum which gives several hotels gold status. I am wondering if booking with makes more sense. At least you get a free room after every 10 you book!

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