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  1. Nightliner Reply

    Hey Rene,

    first things first: thanks for your great work! I’ll be getting on a DL TATL for the first time since May 2015. I wonder if they “enhanced” the drinks service? There have been comp Beer, Wine & Spirits in coach – now, the website says nothing about it (or they’ve hidden it so well i cant find it anymore).
    Will there be free booze to help with the comfort of coach on my TATL? 🙂

    Thanks in advance 🙂


    • @Nightliner – All international flights have free drinks in all cabins. Better in Delta ONE.

  2. Hi Rene. Just returned from JFK-LAX using regional upgrade on the Airbus 330. Thought you should be aware that meal service on trans-cons is much-changed, apparently as of September 1. The weird but interesting spicy appetizers with garlic dip are gone, replaced by two shrimp with way too little sauce and a green salad. The main course I had was pink trout — salmon really — with a white sauce and an array of vegetables, better than the salmon on wood, which tended to be dry, but the presentation is much more conventional. Cheese plate and ice cream are not much different from before. Overall, it’s much less creative (which some people may not have liked), and less food, but still very good.

    • @Ajay – Thanks for update. Oh man I loved the garlic dip. It was amazing.

  3. Hi Rene,

    Has the schedule for first-class meals on flights of 1,500+ miles changed? It appears that meals are now always served. Previously meals were not served on late/redeye flights like SFO-to-DTW.

    From Delta’s website:

    Medium Flights

    On flights ranging from 900-1,399 miles, enjoy a full chef-curated meal service. Find breakfast and lunch items on flights departing from 5 AM to 1:30 PM, dinner for departures from 4 PM to 8 PM and a hearty selection of snacks at most times in between.

    Longer Flights

    For flights over 1,500 miles, you’ll find a fresh, full meal service — featuring a variety of healthy and local options as part of your meal. You’ll have several meal selections to choose from.

    • @David – Will look. My understanding is after 9PM no but this is an upgrade if always even on redeyes!

  4. Thanks for checking.

    On Jan. 2 I have a 1,571 mile flight from MSP to SJC that departs MSP at 8.05 pm, and Delta is showing a snack in the first class cabin. I did not think that was right so I checked and noticed the new text I quoted above.

    Another thought. This could be in preparation for the new meal pre-order option, which would be cool. 8:05 PM CST / 6:05 PM PST seems be a little early for getting only a snack.

  5. David Plettner Reply

    Hi Rene,

    I just spoke with an agent, and I think there has been a downgrade. For flights of 1500+ miles, Delta now states that “hot snacks available between 8 and 9 p.m.”

    It appears that the meal service is now the same for flight of 1,400 miles or more, except for the hot snack for 1500+ mile flights between 8-9pm.



    1,500+ Miles:

    No matter what time you fly, you’ll have a hearty selection of snacks, including fresh fruit, peanuts, chips, candy pretzels and cookies.

    Plus, look for our growing roster of locally-sourced treats on select flights, such as delectable Sea-Salted Caramel gelato from Atlanta’s own Honeysuckle Gelato on long-haul flights from Atlanta.

    Additionally, you’ll have a menu of satisfying full meals to choose from when you fly between 5 a.m. and 8 p.m., and hot snacks available between 8 and 9 p.m.

  6. Hi Rene,

    I find your information very valuable.

    My question is if there is any update on pre-ordering meals in Delta First and Delta One flights? I’m traveling Delta One this June and was wondering if I will be able to pre-order meals for my flights.

    Thank you for any updates.


    • @David – No updates. I was told SOON but that was almost a year ago. The Delta food PR rep said they would updated me as soon as they know. Sorry!

  7. Hi Rene, I love your info! I have a strange situation. I am booked from STX-JFK through ATL business/first.
    The first flight is DL730 to ATL 4h 18M leaving STX at 4:40PM.
    Over 1600 miles to ATL.
    They say they are serving only a snack for that first leg in business???
    There is an almost identical flight however slightly shorter from SJU to ATL leaving a few minutes later that gets a dinner in business???
    How is it possible to have such a long flight at dinner time exactly the same as a parallel flight from neighbor island, one gets dinner, one gets a snack. I did call and they confirmed. Also stated economy and comfort can purchase meals. MAYBE possible for business to purchase. Purchasing business STX to JFK is a long night with no meal? Any thoughts?
    How can Delta justify a snack for a flight meeting all their parameters?

    • @Mary – There should be a full meal. I would be SHOCKED if not. If not complain after. It is published it should be a meal.

  8. Santastico Reply

    Just FYI when you are at MSP the airport has now amazing food options. They are remodeling the entire airport and now have some of the best local restaurants of Minneapolis with a place at the airport. Smack Shack for lobster rolls, Black Sheep for coal fire pizza or Angel Food for the best donuts in town are among my favorites. MSP was already a great airport and it is getting even better.

    • @Santastico – That is fantastic news and thank you so much for sharing. I see a foodie post on the way next time I have a long layover! 🙂

  9. Santastico Reply

    Flying out from LHR to MSP on Delta One and it seems Delta just started today their Fall 2017 Menu. Food is more of the same and wine list is pretty disappointing. Looked at all wines on Vivino while at the gate and none reached 4 stars (maximun on Vivino is 5 stars) and most expensive option can be bought at any US liquor store for less than $20. I don’t understand why Delta charges sometimes $10k for a seat on Delta One (yes, my company paid over $10k for one of my flights to Europe on Delta) and cannot provide a decent wine list.

  10. Hi Rene,

    Thanks for the awesome blog. I made diamond for the first time this year. I’ve flown Delta One international out of DTW a few times with my fiancé. Each time she orders a vegan meal and gets a strange loaf of mush.

    We also got the same loaf on Lufthansa out of DTW (same caterer?)

    So two questions:

    1) what is in this loaf?

    2) why not serve something to vegans that looks like food?

    I’ve reached out to Delta on Twitter. Asked FAs. Asked lounge staff. And asked the diamond help line. This is a mystery on par with grade school meatloaf.


    • @Michael R – Yuck! I have no idea. I never eat vegan and you would have to reach out to Delta direct to find that one out.

  11. I fly the SFO/JFK route 20+ per year – often in Delta One. Sitting in the cabin right now as I type. Delta has downgraded its meal service. No longer do they provide a starter course. Also learned from FA that there’s one less FA servicing the cabin. The menu lists the same wines offered previously – so not sure if they plan to change that. Then again, the FA said only one of the two reds were available. What’s going on? Why is Delta turning Delta One into a domestic first class product? Change supposedly happened April 1, which coincidentally was the start of upgrade eligibility into the cabin for medallion members. I made a conscious decision to stick w/Delta despite the crazy Diamond medallion MQD requirement and to fly Delta One when possible to meet the req. I’m now having second thoughts.

  12. I fly the SFO/JFK route 20+ times per year, often in Delta One. I’m writing from the cabin mid flight right now. We were served a really lackluster meal, more appropriate for Delta First Class than Delta One. The FA explained that Delta discontinued the starter course – as of April 1. My kale/grilled chicken salad was one of the most underwhelming meals I’ve had on any flight, and I would never order it again. The FA also told me that Delta has removed an FA for the service. The white list – at least according to the menu – appears to be the same. However, someone sitting next to me was offered just one of the two red wines on the list. The whole meal experience was disappointing to say the least. I made a conscious decision to stick w/Delta and to fly Delta One to meet my MQD for the year. I’m wondering if I should reconsider that decision. Coincidentally – or perhaps not – April 1 was the date Delta began allowing upgrades into Delta One for medallion members. Delta had a great product in Delta One (Domestic) – and I believed it was better than the other long-haul, transcontinental flights on other airlines. This latest move by Delta seems imprudent since the Delta One experience no longer feels more special than the other airlines.

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