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  1. We fly out of DTW. I could use a mileage run but cant figure out how to properly go about it. I loved the SAN to AUS via DTW. We are also looking to go to Europe using miles (delta one). I am curious if its advantageous to have Delta or Amex book the specifics? I wanted someone to help with different countries itineraries. Thoughts?

  2. Blake Long Reply

    Hi Rene,

    I’ve just discovered this site recently and love it. I am based out of RDU and am attempting to create mileage runs. Do you need to start at a hub city to get the best deals on these?
    Thanks in advance,
    Blake Long

  3. Rene:
    Unsure if I have reached you…..what will happen if the current storm cancels my Delta Mileage Run tomorrow?
    Will Delta allow me another?

    • @Beth – If you start flying at all, and have to route back, you can ask for full route credit. If you did not fly at all you can get full money back or rebook same route another day inside the MAX book by date for the waver.

  4. Rene,

    I’m $1300 MQD and 7000 MQM short of making Silver Medallion this year. Obviously Silver is useless these days, but I’m wondering if the MQM’s that would carry over into 2017 be worth making it happen by years end or just take 2016 as a loss and start over in 2017? A $500 flight to SIN or somewhere else in Asia would be super easy to accomplish the MQM requirements, but the MQD requirement not so much. Obviously, that’s the airline’s point for going revenue based.

    I’m pretty positive of the answer, but just to make sure, if I pass the Silver threshold in MQM’s but NOT MQD’s, my MQM’s won’t carry over into 2017. One needs to actually complete all requirements into a non general member level to be carried over into the next year correct?


  5. How come you have stopped posting mileage runs (last one is from Sep. 5)?

  6. The Points Collector Reply

    Rene, seeking advice for an “MQD Run.”

    Short of Gold by $663 MQD. Have Delta Amex Plat Biz but $18k short of $25k spend (got card midyear) and don’t feel like MSing my way there. Could probably get $10k more organically at most.

    Unfortunately no more travel plans rest of year and looking for guidance on what makes the most sense to do for 663 MQDs or more.

    GRR area, will drive to DTW or Chi for the right flight.

    Have $220 voucher available to defray cost.

    Also could buy DL flight using Citi TY or Chase UR (have plenty of both; have Citi Prestige but not Chase Sapphire Reserve) but seems slightly wasteful and also concerned about possibly getting a bulk fare or basic E fare class ticket and having it not earn full MQDs?

    Would like to maximize MQMs earned but it’s a secondary goal to the main goal of hitting the MQD minimum.

    Want to take care of this with as little time investment as possible.

    I’m considering GRR>LAX economy ($260+) perhaps twice in a weekend, or 1st class $700-ish.

    Another option – several short trips GRR>ORD/MSP or other

    Would do a long weekend to Europe but prices the rest of 2016 do not look favorable.

    Also looked into positioning flight to ATL/MSP/DTW/SLC and then additional MQD flights from there (e.g. ATL>SLC 1st class for $4xx).

    Have basic knowledge on ITA Matrix and advanced routing codes but I’m not a pro in piecing together multi-stop MR type itineraries
    Want to avoid making a booking mistake, not hitting the MQD spend, and missing Gold. I’m at 59 MQS and 48k MQM, so I’ll have some rollover MQMs after this is done.

    • @TPC – I would look at a biz ticket on a partner airline like AeroMexico if you can find it or splurge for a 1st class ticket that NETS you the needed MQD. If you need real help maybe ask ADAM for assistance for best MQMs and MQD for the effort

  7. I need 31,000 MQMS to reach Diamond again. Is there a single 3 day trip that will get me there?

    Any help would be great!

  8. @Rene, thanks for the thoughts. Since then, I’ve picked up another work trip for $439 MQDs, so I’m only $224 short of $6k for Gold which will be easy to do.

    Question: if I say yes to the offer during online check-in and pay to upgrade to 1st class on domestic flight, am I in a 1st class fare code similar to if I had booked 1st class ticket originally (does it depend on fare code of my original ticket)? And regardless of that, does the amount paid to upgrade count as MQDs? I’ve never seen this spelled out anywhere.

  9. Saw perhaps the answer in the fine print, although I wish there was more details about it on the payment screen. “Mileage accrual on paid upgrades is based on the original fare purchased.”

    • @TPC – MDQ is your extra spend less fess etc. MQMs will be distance plus fare class bonus if you FCM ie most times 50% bonus.

  10. Zhaoming Xie Reply

    Hello. I have booked a 4 segment trip. However, when I tried to check in, the following message appear:
    Your trip has 4 segments. You can check in and print your boarding pass for the first three, but you must see an agent at the airport for the last segment.
    I don’t understand what’s the issue. And I cannot download any boarding pass from my phone.

    • @Zhaoming Xie – Yes happens often. Fly the first one or two then it will work. Either on app or at the next gate.

  11. The Points Collector Reply

    Ended up buying a First Class ticket (G fare) GRR>DTW>ORD>DTW>GRR. This was the quickest, easiest way for me to spend at least $224 which I needed to hit Gold. $302 flight, of which $243 is base fare. This flight earns 3,000 MQM — 500 per segment + 50% first class fare bonus.

    Considered instead a same-day turn weekend economy flight to LA or SLC for similar price. Could have earned 4,500-5,000 MQMs, but not worth the extra travel time.

  12. I see allot of discussion about mile efficient mile accumulation but what about segments? I am 4 MQS’s away from the next tier level and am looking for the most efficient way to get those out of ATL.

    The best I can find is simply 2 RT’s ATL-MCO at $240 total.
    I wonder if there is not a better way of doing this using a multi-stop itinerary.

    • @KR – Are you looking for a weekend or weekday. Will see what I can find

  13. Morgan Frankie Reply

    Rene I am a raving fan of your website and I have learned a ton over the years. Thank you for all that you do! I am a first time writer and I need just 2 more segments for 2016. I live in Atlanta and I need the cheapest possible round trip sameday (no overnight) flight from Atlanta to anywhere on either 12/10, 12/11, 12/17, 12/26, or 12/27. MQMs are irrelevant. How can one check online for the cheapest possible route Delta flies to and from any destination from Atlanta? Thanks so much!!!

  14. I’m about to finish my mileage run today to retain platinum status for next year but I’ve ran into a problem, let me explain. I booked MSY-SLC-SEA-ANC-MSP-MSY. When I left MSY yesterday there was a mechanical issue which caused us to be delayed. That delay made me miss my connection in SLC which caused me to miss all the others. I immediately contacted delta through direct message on twitter and asked for help (this was while I was in the air to SLC). They informed me I had been redirected to MSP from SLC. I asked with this new route would I keep the original MQM’s. They said yes, just contact them after the trip is over and they would give me the MQM’s from the original ticket. All is good at this point. Late last night my MSP-MSY flight for today disappeared from my app so I called the Platinum line to get the flight back. I explained to her what was going on and we spoke about the MQM’s. She put me on hold for a while then came back and said I wouldn’t receive the MQM’s from he original ticket. I told her I was told otherwise or else I never would have accepted their rerouting. She gave me the customer service number and told me to call them today after I complete the trip.

    I’m worried that the first delta rep told me wrong information and will cost me platinum status for next year. Not to mention this new routing they gave me cost me an extra $110 because I had to stay the night in Minneapolis. In the original routing I would have never left the airport.

    I’d like to know your thoughts before I call them in a few hours. Thanks

    I also have screen shots of the whole twitter conversation saying I would get original MQM’s.

  15. FYI – Elite Mileage Run

    LGA to SEA via ATL – January 28th (returning 29th on a red eye). Appears to be valid multiple days in January. MQM’s 5800+, 4CPM

  16. Haven’t seen many low cost MRs this winter. Is it my imagination or were there more popping up this time last year?

  17. Hi Rene for the mileage run to MNL on Oct 16 could please advise where we can sleep.

  18. Rene – I booked a mileage run earlier this year and have had something come up since that has made the trip unworkable. What if any advice do you have about the ticket? Should I just eat the cost of the trip? Any advice is welcome. Thank you.

    • @Ben – First see if there has been any schedule changes that will allow a free cancel. If not, ask for a credit voucher and wave fees to cancel.

  19. LOVE this site! Thanks for keeping it so direct and on target.

    I am looking for a Mileage run out of Salt Lake City and have to say they almost never seem to appear from SLC.

    Is there something I am missing? Why do they not seem to exist out of SLC?

    • @Jim – SLC can be a hard market to get deals but will be looking over the next few weeks and posting what I can.

  20. Rene,
    I have already cleared the MQM requirement for Platinum in 2018 but I am shy by $1,530 MQD’s – any suggestions? My home airport is BDL

  21. Rene,

    I’ll end the year just 5931 MQMs from maintaining my Gold Medallion status. I’ve already met the spend requirement using my DL AMEX. Is it worth it to do a quick Mileage Run? Any suggestions on achieving this 12/12–12/13 from NYC, if so?


  22. I believe I signed up to get mileage run emails but I am not getting them.
    What to do?

  23. Would a mileage run be worth it? I have 62,500 MQMs and have fulfilled the MQDs all the way up to Diamond. Can’t spend a fortune but I’d love to make Platinum if possible. I can fly out of ATL, or TYS.


  24. Mike Malone Reply

    Hi Rene, In the near future, I’m going to do a MR to NRT. The layover in NRT is 1.5 hours. Can you tell me what to expect when I get there? Things like, I will be in transit to catch a flight back to SEA, will I have to enter the country through immigration and go back through US Customs to get back to the plane? Can I just hang out in the secure area and go to the Sky Club? Does anything else come to mind based on your experience?
    Thanks! Mike.

  25. Rene, I’m 19k MQM and $3k MQD short of Platinum. I’m retired so all personal travel. I have an unused portion of an Aeromexico business from LIM to MCO (bought 5 months ago) . If I want to use it, I need to fly from MCO to LIM (cheapest is on Spirit for $230) in order fly my unused portion Aeromexico LIM to MCO. Do you think the gained MQM and MQD is worth $230? If I take it, what else do I need to get to Platinum? Thanks in advance

  26. I live by MCI. Been trying to find a 3-4k MQM mileage run before EOY. Any suggestions?

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