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  1. Hey Rene, quick question. Finally getting the chance to fly a 747 business out to Asia with my wife and can’t decide on the best seats. Currently have 1a/k since the nose gets skinny so I thought it would be a good experience and fairly close. I know the hump doesn’t seem close and the back area you lean forward to talk. What would you’re choice be for a couple (considering it will likely be the last chance at a 747 business for us)? Thanks!!!

    • @Jordan – Those seats are very PVT and nice and yet also you have personal space. A good call. If not, upstairs across from each other you can talk freely and tons of space. Last choice center seats are very personal and close to each other.

  2. David Hartman Reply


    You mentioned in one of your posts what the protocol was for serving in first class. Would you please repeat the acronym that you used for even vs. odd numbered flights and the corresponding service direction?



  3. I’m flying JFK – MXP in May with my wife, having a real hard time figuring out which seat is better

    10A/B || 10H/J
    or should we pick
    10C/D || 10F/G

    Seat Guru says
    10A/B and 10H/J have “Restricted Legroom Due To bulkhead”
    10C/D and 10F/G have “Extra legroom Due To Position Of The Bulkhead”

    i’m 6ft tall, would either of the seats provide enough legroom for me to rest/stretch my legs on my carry on?

  4. Hey Rene,

    Read your review of your 747 flight from Narita. Any suggestions on Which Delta one seats on the upper deck? Do any have a larger foot well for folks like myself, maybe like the bulkheads on the 767? Super excited for my flight on the Queen of the skies before she retires to the boneyard!



  5. Anna Reschar Reply

    Hi Rene, Can you tell me why Delta stopped flying planes with lay flat seats on their flights(all red eyes) from the US to Iceland. I flew last May and it was such a treat to sleep laying flat. Now trying to book this August to bring my 89 year old mother home to Iceland and no lay flat seats! I called Delta and it was news to them. I even checked Icelandair, and even their flights from JFK now do not lay flat either. But I want the MQMs so want to stay on Delta. What do you know about this? Or can you find out?
    Thank you!

    • @Anna – It is all about load and how much they can charge. My guess is low cost competitors are driving this.

  6. Hey Rene. Any word on the schedule of 777 D1 Suites/Premium Econ refits? I have an award flight booked in November ATL-JNB. Currently shows the old layout. Does this mean that there is no shot of the refit happening before that?

    For instance, when they announced the latest A350 routes (e.g. ATL-ICN), was that 350+1 days before the flight or did they actually change the equipment after the flight was on sale?

  7. Thanks! Any thoughts on whether they would change the equipment (or in this case the layout) after it goes on sale?

    • @Clinton – Very likely some will get nice surprise until all are redone.

  8. Hi Rene,

    I’m flying ATL to BCN in an A330-300 and though I have a hunch as to your response, I was wondering if the Comfort+ seats are any better than other aircraft (have not flown international since C+ existed).

    I’ve read that row 10 is good, but don’t see anything definitive. Otherwise, I’d sit 27A or 27J (exit window).

    Also – it would be an upgrade situation, so who knows where they will put me.

    As always, your advice is appreciated.

    • @opposite – C+ a tiny bitter better in regards to leg room. I like bulkhead row as extra space. Not a WOWOWOW better than rest of coach but a little better.

  9. @rene – being said… do you think I am better off in a exit row or C+ (let’s assume non bulkhead)?

    • @opposite – Exit row on international flights are cold. Really cold! I like bulkhead better.

  10. Joan Sanaker Reply

    Hi Rene, I just discovered your blog. Great! I booked a flight from MSP-CMH. 737 900ER. It’s 2 hours. I chose Seat 1A but now I’m concerned. I am only 5’3″ so I don’t have long legs. Will it be OK?

  11. Robert Storch Reply

    Rene- THANK YOU for you great insight! I am 6’/180 lbs and flying DL Prem Econ DTW-PEK, & PVG-DTW. Do I choose bulkhead row (20A, which offers more legroom but less width due to the tray table in seat armrest) or go with any other row with less legroom but the 18.5″ width?
    On a 13 hours flight, which is the less bad seat?

  12. I booked an award ticket from NBO to CVG thru JED-CDG with 2 legs on Saudia (SV). How do a choose a sat on those flight? I can’t find a SV record locator and if I use the Delta ticket number in the manage flights section of the Saudia website, I can’t choose a seat or even see seat maps at all. Any tips on this?

  13. Hi,

    Read your post on seat amenities. Regarding the heating pad: Thought is was a clever idea and then it struck me that there is no way an airline is going to allow plugging in of heating elements. It may take time, but would expect them to ban 110v heating pads. Maybe a 12v version?

    • @J.C. I’ve felt heat from laptops that’s more intense from something given off by a heating pad. 🙂

      Thanks for the comment!

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