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  1. HI Rene
    I found a flight through Virgin Atlantic from Dtw -Lhr on Delta metal for $500 less than the same flight Through
    If I book it through Cheapseats (where I found the fare), will we still get MQMS form Delta? I am PM.

  2. So when is Delta going to have better relations with Korean Air? I had a Delta ticket business class from the US to BKK for November. Delta cancelled service. Tried to work with the agents. Ended up with 2 tickets (not realizing KE/DL no longer interline). Yes I am business class all the way. At the time KE wasn’t giving seats away to DL to fix the situation. Anyway, I called and asked about this and of course they now stated the policy, but as a side line said that some agents still will do it (if they have the experience). I have a plan to deal with this situation, but really…They cut us off at Narita and then kind of work with KE. I am a Diamond – almost a 3 million miler and am now faced going to another airline in order to get an enjoyable (worry free airline trip). I read your blog every day and appreciate all of the information and prodding that you do. Time for you to Champion this issue.

  3. Hi Rene,
    Does my delta Gold status do anything for me when flying on Virgin Atlantic LAS-LHR? Do you know if they will status match, and if so, how I do it? I’ve searched their site but can’t find any info. I emailed customer service (three times) but never got a response after more than a month. Thank you for any info you’re able to offer!

  4. Hi Rene,

    I was recently trying to book a delta marketed, Korean air operated flight to Asia, but wanted to make sure I received MQMs/Ds/Ss for this trip. According to the DL website, I would expect to receive the qualifying points, however, according to an inquiry with their Twitter account, I received the opposite response. Contacting them via the medallion line has given me conflicting responses. Can you help clarify?! I don’t want to book this flight if I can’t earn the qualifying miles and such. Thanks!

  5. Hi Rene,

    I am looking to book a rewards ticket via KLM/Flying Blue. If I book a MSP-LAX RT that’s a Codeshare, operated by DL how do I obtain my seat assignment? I know from traveling on Air France/KLM before that it opens 35 hours prior to departure for them.

    I don’t want to wait.

  6. With the recent joint announcement between Korean and Delta, how soon do you think Korean will “graduate” out of the group 4 partners into one that offers MQM?

  7. Hey Rene!!! I found your post about the disaster in getting Hertz to apply the elite status based on Delta’s status and I was wondering if you got any success with them. I also registered for that promo back when it was offered but never really paid attention since I usually rent with National which is by far the best rental car company in my opinion and I have a top status with them. However, I will need to rent a car in the UK for 2 months and Hertz has the best prices and options (National uses Enterprise here and it is not that good). However, when I checked my Hertz status I see I still have the basic level. I emailed Delta and Hertz but as you can imagine got no response. Any thoughts? Tks!!

  8. @rene: Thank you. I used twitter to connect with Hertz and got my status updated in less tan 2 hours. It probably helped they saw 3 reservations totalling 60 days on my account which I told I would move to National if I did not have my elite status updated. 🙂

  9. Hey Rene, I’m flying Korean (JFK-ICN-LAX) next month on a ticket purchased directly from Korean. I’m a Platinum Medallion and didn’t know if it made any sense to credit the ticket to DL or keep it SkyPass the whole way?

  10. @Ben – It depends when you booked as you may earn zero crediting to Delta (look at partern earning rules on Delta .com). Maybe Skypass or another Skyteam partner.

  11. Hi Rene
    Just a quick question
    How long does it take to post miles to Delta from Aeromexico flights
    Had a couple of flights a week ago.
    Still doesn’t show anything

  12. Hi. Rene
    I flew aeromexico early last month had entered my Delta skymiles # but the points never came in to my account. Called AM they said I have to call Delta. Called Delta and agent claims tickets still show open. That I need to send them boarding passes in order to get credit for the miles. I didn’t save the BP didn’t know it may be a issue. Only had BP from 2/4 flights flown got credit for that. But still missing from the other 2 flights
    Called AM. They told me to email complaint department. Did so. No luck so far.
    Any suggestions whould be helpful.
    All the best

  13. @mordechai – Ouch. Yes always save boarding passes. Print extra copies in fact and make sure Delta FF on them. Now after the fact check email for old confirmation from AM to submit to Delta.

  14. Hi Renee

    So I have a Z-Class flight booked on, ticket number is 0074… etc. The flight is a direct flight RT ex-Germany to USA on Delta metal, so a codeshare flight. I’m doing this to try to meet my spend requirements to maintain Diamond for 2019. My question is, when should I submit my DL Skymiles number? Should I add it on the KLM booking or submit to Delta after?

    Sometimes when I fly Skyteam Partners, even if I am booked on the codeshare flight, KL whatever or AF whatever, sometimes it still shows up in my account as the Delta flight number. In the past this wasn’t a problem but for this I obviously want to make sure it’s allocated as a KLM flight in BIZ.

    Thank you so much!

  15. Can anyone direct me to an article that lays out the details as far as how one can earn more MQD than actual dollars spent through Aeromexico (in business class I think) and earn more skymiles, in what situations this can be used, and how this translates to Korean Air given the new agreement? Thanks.

  16. I am looking at a DL/KLM codeshare flight to Germany on Delta metal, just confirming that if I book via KLM website and add my Delta FF#, I will get MQD credit at 80% of distance flown, which I desperately need to get to Diamond for 2019 (I am PM). Would I be able to put in a mileage upgrade via Delta or be eligible for Comfort+ if I did it this way?

  17. @Mike – If you book on and book a KLM code share i.e. it is a KLM ticket stock you earn, when you credit to Delta, under the KLM partner earning page even if the jet is Delta metal. I have no idea where you are finding MQD 80% credit for distance as J,C,D,I & Z fares earn you 40% of distance credit as MQDs. You will be under KLM rules for the ticket for the rest but I have had, in the past, success working with Delta for C+ etc.

  18. Hi there,
    So I’ve been flying FOREVER, and quite a bit actually, but I have NO IDEA how the whole SkyTeam partner thing works! So if I have miles on Delta and Air France, how can I use BOTH of them together to book a flight? Or can I? And if I can’t, is the magic to just book as much as possible through ONE CARRIER? That would be kind of impossible for me. But then what should I do? Is there a way to “transfer” miles from one airline to another? How do you end up redeeming them for a partners flight? Plz Explain it to me so I know I’m booking my upcoming flights properly. Thanks

  19. @Jen – You need all the points in one program but then can book on any Skyteam partners that have open space opened up for that partner program. You can not transfer say AF->DL but there are many cards that allow transfers like Amex Memebership rewards points to top off you needed points.

  20. I’ve read the questions and responses in this thread, as well as the Delta website, but still not clear on MQMs with partners.
    In the spring I will be flying from DTW to Namibia. Domestic legs are Delta but international are all KLM. The cost is considerably more expensive booked through DL than KLM. I am a Diamond Medallion and would like to earn MQMs on this trip to help keep status. Reading the Delta website, they say at least 500 MQMs per segment, which is ludicrous to me. Any experience with what might be earned on such a trip if booked through the partner instead of directly with Delta?

  21. Rene
    Diamond 2 million milier. First time this happened to me
    On DL metal flew Business class round trip LAX SYD. Had trouble on codeshare economy domestic Run with Virgin Australia. My international regulation carry on was weighed by Virgin on the BNE SYD segment only which was mainline metal. I was informed Bag weighed 10 kilos but can only put 7 kilos in the “locker”. However if I wanted to pay Virgin $27 they would make an exception,! I asked if they are now fleecing Delta high end frequent fliers. Furthermore a Velocity Lounge supervisor refused my request to walk the floor with me where there were roller bags and passengers with 2 pieces of carry ones heavier than 7 kilos. I simply checked my carry on for free and took out my I pad

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