Chris Carley


Cardholders of certain American Express products may not have ample opportunity to take advantage of their card(s)’s annual airline incidental credit benefits.

Now that airline and hotel status extensions are all the rage (which some may view as those industries throwing in the towel on 2020), yearly credit card benefits will soon find themselves under a microscope.

And a big one is the American Express airline incidental credit.

The great part about rewards programs from banks such as American Express and Chase is their points can be redeemed for statement credits or gift cards — essentially saving us some money.

We generally get more bang for bucks — er, points — when redeeming them for travel.

But we get one cent per point when redeeming them for credit or gift cards.

Tough economic times and huge unemployment numbers are upon us. And it sure looks like things can only get worse before they improve.

So are you thinking of redeeming your points for statement credit or another cash alternative?