Chris Carley


Airlines are getting stricter about enforcing mask rules.

American, Delta, and United said offenders risk bans from their respective airlines.

Delta flight 1227 from Detroit to Atlanta departed late this past Thursday after the airline kicked off two passengers who refused to wear masks during the trip. Delta also reportedly banned 120 passengers (maybe it’s 122 after last week’s incident) who violated the airline’s mask rules.

Something I’ve seen on social media and heard from others is a sentiment saying basically, If one airline bans you for not wearing a mask, the others should, too.

Most of the Tweets in question deal with people in the political sphere and/or included some NSFW language. Both of these generally trigger some readers, and the Comments section becomes a virtual political rally and/or a forum of hurt feelings.

But some of the “publishable” portions of Tweets include:

“He should be banned from ALL flights on ALL airlines. Anyone who cannot obey the mask policy needs to receive a LIFETIME ban. That will put a stop to his no-mask [redacted].”

“It should be a lifetime ban, and every airline should join in solidarity.”

Which leads me to wonder: