Chris Carley


Many of us can’t wait to travel again. We’re excited to fly in the skies, rides the rails, drive the roads, or bed down in hotels. (Or some combinations thereof!)

That time might come sooner than later for some of us who must travel for work.

Heck, you might be someone traveling now because your job mandates it.

Road warriors will be some of the first people traveling again when things start amping up again.

Are you nervous?

Sun Country ended its outsourcing relationship with Delta Global Services at MSP. Several major Las Vegas resorts are gambling that they can safely open for business in a few weeks. Those are some of the travel and travel industry headlines that caught my eye today and I thought you, too, would find interesting. Sun Country Terminates Relationship with DGS at MSP Sun Country is taking its Minneapolis-St. Paul ground operations inhouse after ending its deal with Delta Global Services. The StarTribune reports Sun Country is inviting DGS employees to consider joining the airline. More Las Vegas Resorts Betting on May 1 We wrote earlier today about Venetian planning to welcome guests back to its property May 1. Other resort companies including Wynn, Caesars, and MGM say they’re opening their doors that day, as well. @WynnLasVegas can’t wait to be back! @VitalVegas @LasVegasLocally — Adam Shafer (@adamshaferlv) March 31, 2020…

Food delivery services such as Grubhub, DoorDash, and Uber Eats are more valuable than ever for those of us staying at home during the coronavirus pandemic.

My family enjoys cooking our own meals — but we occasionally need a break and order in. We save money thanks to starting our orders through cashback portals!

So if you’re looking to save a few bucks while having food delivered, check out these cashback deals!

Most of us are off the road, not flying, and out of hotels for the foreseeable future.

Some of your points and miles might be at risk — depending on how active you are with certain airline and hotel loyalty programs. For example, my friend Dave was a loyal American Airlines flyer — until his employer put him on Delta flights. Two years later, he holds tons of American points that are in jeopardy, simply because he’s switched his loyalty to Delta. He certainly doesn’t want to let his AA points disappear.

Here are some easy ways to keep your points and miles active without having to fly in a plane or stay in a hotel.

In fact, most of these can be achieved from home!

Cutting cable television helped René save over $150. He opted for TiVo, Amazon Prime video and an HDTV antenna that hooks up to his television. The antenna gives him all his local channels in beautiful high definition.

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