Dallas to San Diego $218 & 5886 MQMs at 3.7CPM Overnight Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Saturday, January 23, 2016 by John @laptoptravel

DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run MultiCity

Click for Details – Multi-City Booking Tool


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Delta Calendar

Available Dates in February/March


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Delta

Delta Booking Page


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run RouteMap

DFW-SAN The “Mileage Runner’s Way” 5,886 MQM’s


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Schedules

Some Options Each Day for Different Connection Times (SkyClub Time?)

This Dallas to West Coast USA Mileage Run deal just continues along.  We have found (and flown) many in the past few months.  Now here is a chance to work it San Diego, the southernmost airport in California for Delta and therefore the one that gets you the most Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) for your flying dollars.

As you can see from the calendars and flight schedules I have posted you have a lot of options!  The easiest way to book this is to use the Delta Multi-City Booking Tool. I included an image of that above and you might want to click on it to see just how I forced Delta to give me the flights connecting through Detroit (DTW).  Otherwise, Delta will either take you through Salt Lake City (SLC) or through Los Angeles (LAX) and as you can see from my posted RouteMap above that just won’y give you the maximum MQM’s!

So, further to make this exciting, I took a look at the seatmaps. This is something I always do before booking a Mileage Run just to see how many First Class and Comfort+ seats have been taken (oh, don’t get me started on the Comfort+ fiasco about to happen on May 16th) .

Take a look at the SeatMaps for the flights I have chosen (March 8th out at 3:18pm) and first flight back into Dallas at 9:27am

Now, honestly, how many other sites look at SeatMaps ahead of time for its readers?

DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run SeatMaps

Wide Open Seating! Get in First to to be Highest on the Upgrade Queue!

So it is a late afternoon flight (in my example) and an overnight return.  You can leave early and spend more time in a Detroit or San Diego SkyClub, but remember on your return the Detroit SkyClubs might likely be closed; so choose wisely.

Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

MQM’s:  5886 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $218

Cost:   3.7 Cents Per Mile (CPM) 

We hope you enjoy this great find!

Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs

Best Wishes and Happy Travels!  Let us know if you go and get a First Class Upgrade!

Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel



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