Delta Air Lines loves targeted offers – I got a ROCK ☹

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One thing is for sure – we have entered the new reality of targeted offers. Delta E-mails us targeted offers; AMEX E-mails us targeted offers; SPG E-mails us targeted offers (you see a trend?)!

I really dislike this in our modern tech age since we all get to find out about them at some point. To me, this does nothing but upset those who are loyal to a company and frequently can not take part in a promotion. As a Diamond Medallion with Delta I almost NEVER get any promotions I can register for (yeah yeah granted I already get a ton of perks but still).

Just what kind of promotions am I talking about? How about these just to point out a few:

and the list goes on and on. From a marketing side I see the desire to target a sub-group of clients you want to encourage to spend more or do more with the company. But from a public relation side, each one of these little stabs say to me:

You are not eligible to participate in this promotion. Please check out our other great offers on the My Promotions page.”

This makes me feel a little less appreciated by the company that I am loyal to and next time when I go to book and I hit “confirm” or “buy now” button it will make me think of the fact that last time a promotion was offered – I GOT A ROCK! – René

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