Noticed something missing on Delta flights the past few weeks? New snack baskets are “enhanced” that is downgraded when meal served? What about C+?

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newish delta snack basket

There is no way this will not sound #FristWorldProblem-ish so I am embracing rather than dodging it in this post. You see, in Delta business class (they call it 1st class 🙁 ), they bring around a snack basket on most flights. Oh, don’t worry, soon in C+ you will get some kind of snack basket also but we have not been told just what it will contain.

the snack basket 1st class delta points blog

The basket you see on top is the newest one, and below the older one. Rather than the old wicker basket, that I am sure was somewhat hard to keep clean, now it has been replaced with a plastic one that can be cleaned (we hope). The new stuff is highlighted with yellow arrows. They are:

  • Beyond nummy caramels from They, even in bulk, would cost us 70 cents each. Take these home to your loved ones if you can, as TexasYankee says, have them somehow “drop” into your bag!
  • Next comes kind of a cracker that seems like a chocolate cookie. Not bad but rather on the sweet side if you ask me (you may have another opinion and feel free to share it)
  • Lastly some kind of nasty spicy trail mix that should be avoided at all costs (well I think the squirrel mix is just nasty but you tell me).
  • Bananas are hit and miss and sometimes perfect, sometimes WAY over ripe, sometimes under ripe (yeah I know it is a natural product).

So the first two, especially the salted chocolates, are truly good upgrades to the snack basket. However, I have discovered a disturbing trend flying around and somewhat confirmed by several FAs. You see, when a meal is served on a Delta flight, you DO NOT get these goodies but just what you see pointed out in RED (minus the bananas).

So you end up with a BASIC (just to using Delta vernacular here) basket with Biscoffs, pretzels and peanuts. Oh joy! BASIC coach fare in business 1st class (I bet you are beyond thrilled you clicked BUY NOW on the Fly Delta App and got this basket of goodies).

Seriously, is there anywhere Delta will not cut perks to save a dime? I also asked the mothership about just what kind of basket C+ could expect to get when OFCMB seats were announced and I was told something like the 1st class basket. Do they mean the ENHANCED one or the BASIC one? If the BASIC one, who the heck cares as it is not an improvement over the stuff we get now in economy comfort, err, C+!

I guess what I would love to know is what are you seeing readers? On meal flights, lunch or dinner, are you getting the better basket or the coach one? Also, what kind of treats will you expect to see in the C+ seats coming in less than two months now? – René

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