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Panic at 30 feet?

My wife and I have both been “used to” flying from very early ages. I have a bit of a tendency toward motion sickness now and then but Lisa never has. Neither one of us has ever experienced any kind of fear of flying either, and although I do not like heights, flying feels somehow different to me. Some do suffer these very real fears and when Lisa recently returned from her extended trip to … Continue reading

Reader input on sharing your business link

I am always tinkering with the blog. It is always a work in progress. You may have noticed some changes to the “Side Bar” on the blog as I am tweaking that after the BoardingArea tech upgrade this month. So far I am pleased with the progress but think it still needs a tiny bit of refinement. Anyway, I have also added (at least for now) a new tab at the top of the blog … Continue reading

A reference post for the e-mail Q&A I get each day – some simple HOW TO at the blog :-)

One of the hardest things about running a blog is making things simple. There are many in this community that get upset about making things “too” simple but those types, IMO, need to get off their high horse and realize that at one time they were also new. There is nothing wrong about being new. To that end, I wand to have a post that I can send readers when they ask common questions. One … Continue reading

Resolutions, anyone? Delta’s achieved a few…

Have you noticed all of the fitness equipment in the sales flyers that everyone got at the 1st of year (and then never got touched)? Does that help with any of your newly self assigned goals to eat right, exercise more, take better care of yourself, or spend more time with your family (I know silly for us who fly all the time but still)? Or maybe you’ve decided this is the year you’re going … Continue reading

As the blog grows, I am learning and need to be careful!

I have been running Delta Points now for 14 months. I so appreciate every single day getting personal e-mail’s from readers who thank me for the blog, for my work, and say my blog is the 1st thing they read each day and check it several times a day to see what is up. This is truly overwhelming and gratifying and a huge responsibility. I thank you all for the support of the blog. Yesterday, … Continue reading

Coke Rewards – just about out of travel goodies!

I love Coke products (mostly Coke Zero); I also love that “my” airline serves Coke products on-board from way back. Reader should all know by now that I collect points from everywhere and this includs the Coke Rewards program. After all, why not, I have paid for them as part of the case of Coke I purchased anyway! In the past you could get Priority club points for Coke Rewards and the link is still … Continue reading

A personal post of the value of frequent flyer points to me.

We are truly a unique sub-set of society. I have a minor in sociology, but could write a Ph.D. theses on us as a group. Some of us “normally” stay at hotels 99% of the people on this planet will never stay at or would do so once in a lifetime. Yours truly now expects to “turn left” when I get on a plane (sure, I’ll admit it, this is a DYKWITIA statement – do … Continue reading

What are we (you) a travel hacker or a travel enthusiast?

Photo linked from: Last week my friend Greg, THE Frequent Miler, put up a post about the ethics of the game we play. There are lines he will not cross and his wife acts as his moral compass when it comes to just what he will do to earn a point or two. I too have lines I will never cross. I will never buy something that I never intend to use and will … Continue reading

Just a word or two about Airlines & Official Sponsors & Headphone giveaway!

When I was younger (& had great hair 🙂 ) I used to enjoy going to King’s Island amusement park outside Cincinnati Ohio and had a season pass! It just sounded fun and amazing by it’s very name and brought all sorts of imagery to mind of one of a kind rides and games that could only exist in an exclusive place like an island fit for a king. When it was sold in 1992 … Continue reading

What is allowed on Delta jets? Guess for a chance to win $100 SkyMall gift card!

Remember when getting ready for take off pretty much meant getting rid of cups and crayons and making sure your seat belt was fastened? Now we have to power down our phones, tablets, noise canceling headphones, put the laptop away, oh, and get rid of cups and crayons and make sure the seat belt is fastened! When all goes well it’s a short wait from taxi to take-off and then we hear the tone that … Continue reading

A Pinterest day and giveaway today! You pick the one you like best.

I am a bit toast today after my return from Sweden, so I thought I would just share some of the “Pinterest worthy” photos I have been collecting this year and not yet put up . I think some of them are really fun and want input. So please vote for your favorite one. Then I will use from all the comments on the blog and you can win 2 Delta amenity coupons, a … Continue reading

Vote for your favoite blogger of the year – Delta Points?

Delta Points has been nominated on Chris Elliott’s web site for the best travel blogger of the year. Want to vote for Delta Points? You can do it here: And I thank you so much in advance – Rene ▲Delta▲ SkyMiles® Credit Card RESERVE/PLATINUM/GOLD from American Express® Click here for more information  

Do you know what today is in aviation history?

With all of the horrible aftermath of super-storm Sandy, the endless barrage of political bickering, and winter approaching, how about a bit of of fun aviation history today? A mere 505 years ago on this day a very accomplished man by the name of Leonardo da Vinci was commissioned to paint a portrait of a man’s wife. Not an out of the ordinary artist’s commission, but the result became the very out of the ordinary … Continue reading

This month Delta is going “pink”…but staying green too!

As this month of breast cancer awareness comes to an end I hope you have done your part to help out with the fight for a cure. On one of my segments on this run an FA said, “if you want to buy a $2.00 lemonade, you don’t have to drink it if you don’t want to”! I loved it and donated $2.00 and drank wine! Another milestone for our Delta Air Line is taking … Continue reading