Renés Points December 2015 Newsletter – What you may have missed!

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Tomorrow is a bit of a depressing day for many when their Delta MQMs, MQSs and MQD spend resets to ZERO. Many of us will rollover a bunch of MQMs and I will show you in tomorrow’s post how I will be MQD exempt in under two weeks. I get giddy over 1JAN each year but that is just me!

For now, it is time to see what you may have missed going on in December on the blog so let’s take a look:

➥ With American changes, who should you fly / status match / pick for 2016?

➥ Delta goes BAT CRAZY cra-cra with 2015 “buy MQMs”! $3,000 for 10,000 MQMs?

➥ Rookie Wednesday: Trying to simply explain Delta seat choices – “Let’s play ball”

➥ Delta Air Lines to offer sleep wear from Los Angeles to Shanghai and Sydney. New “Sleep Suits” for Delta ONE passengers.

➥ Important travel info you may forget to update. Don’t make simple mistakes that can cost you time and get you to the Sky Club faster!

➥ American Express Centurion DFW Lounge debuts new food menu choices starting today!

➥ Know what can prevent you from flying Delta? The Contract of Carriage tells you!

Lyft, I think I hate you. No, not you, it’s your tech, policies & expiring credits I hate.

➥ Two free “Top Shelf” drinks at Delta Sky Clubs during December if you hold Delta AMEX cards!

➥ Delta Sky Club Atlanta ATL B concourse near B10 Review by Renés Points

➥ My wife did NOT get 500 IHG points from mail-in promo. She got something else! 🙂

➥ Review: VINSIC VSPB206 20,000mAh battery brick with dual 5v / 2.4A output.

➥ Schedule change Saturday, 1000 “free” SkyMiles promo & other Delta news

➥ Delta SkyBonus is offering 10,000 [TARGETED] points for feedback. Now? Really Delta?

➥ Sub $50 tablet that works with Delta Studio & Gogo? AlldayMall A88X 7″ tablet review.

➥ Common Delta & AMEX questions that always are asked before year end. Here are the facts!

➥ Escape lounge now open at Minneapolis MSP Airport. Opening day review by Renés Points

➥ Rookie Wednesday: When or if you should cancel a travel card? Are there other options?

➥ [Expired] 1,000 IHG points for a survey. But interesting questions REG: points & cash choices.

➥ Delta TECH issues & new navigation tab. Plus, if you PWM you better check you MQMs NOW!

➥ Delta to BAN “hoverboards” on all flights starting tomorrow 11DEC15

➥ How I am getting Amazon Prime net-FREE with slow shipping option. Love this!

➥ Bracing ourselves for SkyMiles 2017 & beyond. MQMs ending as the next “enhancement”?

➥ My 100,000 bonus point Crystal Visa card is here & bonus offer extended to 31DEC15!

➥ Save $15 off $150+ Delta tickets via CardCash with Delta e-Gift cards (while supplies last).

➥ Will Delta require W+ fares for Medallion upgrade in 2016? Guest post by John “Laptop Travel”

➥ Get a $25 Amazon Gift card for $22 (or less) via Voila Hotel Rewards program!

➥ In all my years of flying I have never been speechless – This is amazing!

➥ The official Delta blog TakingOff has been parked in the “boneyard”. Did you ever read it?

Grand Hyatt Dallas DFW Airport Jr. Suite review by Renés Points

➥ PLEASE don’t do these Delta things before 31DEC (or forget to do).

➥ New (old) E190 & 737-900ER Delta jets? Plus KLM SLC & Jet Airways & PJs. Delta PR push pre-Investors day!

➥ Our Chase accounts HACKED! Almost 200,000 points drained overnight.

➥ The impact on “us” from the Delta Investor Day presentation & executives comments

➥ Delta Sky Club Atlanta ATL T concourse near T6 Review by Renés Points

➥ Do the “little things” really matter that much in the big 3 battle for elite flyers? Is Delta winning vs AA & UA?

➥ Delta NEWS day! China Eastern joins Delta “Group 1” & 15 minutes of free Gogo.

➥ The extended life battery I just gave up on, ZeroLemon NOTE4 10,000mAh battery review.

Delta Gogo BOGO free offer & other discounts, tweaks & ways to save on Gogo

➥ Delta “survival” tips for medallions & frequent flyers TOP10 for 2016!

➥ I am sorry, I have committed the unforgivable: FCM – (but wait, I can explain)!

➥ Delta 2015 year in review – What was lost and what was gained!

➥ Delta – NO NOTICE – JUMPS SkyBonus Sky Club awards by 25%. #KeepDescending!

➥ The Chase Bank credit card offers I am excited about for 2016 (as well as now ongoing)!

➥ Are you willing to drive to another airport to save money on Delta ticket prices?

➥ Top 10 DUMB things Delta does that they could & should fix in 2016.

➥ No, you are not the only one who got a strange Delta Sky Club Executive membership card.

➥ Delta SkyBonus continues to disappoint. Such a #KeepDescending worthy loyalty program!

➥ My Hyatt Gold Passport Diamond kit has arrived. Just what’s inside for me!

➥ Last minute Delta things to do before 2016 to avoid possible headaches later.

Travel safe everyone and I sincerely hope I have the privilege of running into you in a club, on a jet or out and about in 2016!

While this does end the 2015 Renés Points newsletters, you should take the time to check out the newsletters from January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September,  October  & November’s  here on the blog! – René


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