Lufthansa survey REALLY thinking outside the box – Sleeper, seating & social zones on jets?!

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I am always intrigued by airline surveys. Delta, as we know, has been sending out surveys about SkyMiles as I posted about and as well as my fellow blogger Adam (yes THAT Adam). But thanks to my Lufthansa 1st class trip that ended up coding as a paid 1st class trip (told ya it pays to put in partner FF program number on business class & 1st class award tickets) and getting full points I have been looked at as “someone special” by Lufthansa.

This latest one is really way out there and I doubt any of the ideas will make it to a real jet but wow are they interesting. Take a look at them slide by slide.

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Having train style sleeper suites and a seat to go back to that is a more standard domestic non-sleeper type seat is an amazing idea. Lufthansa already sorta does this on the refurbished 747’s they fly that gives you both a seat and a bed in 1st class.

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Not sure I like this one. Many airlines are playing with social onboard. This is NOT for me. I like my food presented and flying time is MY time not social time. Same goes for digital pad for social stuff. Meh. What do you think?

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Same goes for the drink or coffee bar onboard. I have yet to review my Virgin Atlantic trip to Sweden last month but the bar was interesting – once. It really is pointless IMO. I can drink at my seat while I work or enjoy a movie.

Lufthansa business class new product survey delta points blog (8)

Humm… There are better uses for technology. How about better IFE, faster wifi etc. This is just tech junk to me.

Lufthansa business class new product survey delta points blog (9)

Lufthansa business class new product survey delta points blog (10)

A seat that thinks for me. If it works I can see this being kinda neat. Considering how many times seats don’t work with the basic stuff I see this as just one more thing that could break. I can push a few buttons and my noise canceling headphones work just fine thank you.

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Lufthansa business class new product survey delta points blog (12)

Now this idea I do REALLY like and some other high end airlines are already doing stuff like this that is personal bars / drink areas. I like the idea of pre-ordering (online would be better) what I want in my bar area. Please do this one Lufthansa.

Lufthansa business class new product survey delta points blog (13)

This tech bit I kinda like. More than just an air vent. But how well will it work? If it works, I like it. If not, just more tech junk that frustrates a flyer.

Overall, as I said in the outset, most of this is just dreaming fluff but some of the ideas could make their way onto jets. I do like creative thinking and would love to see our Delta embrace some of these ideas. Who knows, maybe competition from carriers like Lufthansa and other carriers world wide will have an impact one day. Time will tell.

What do you think of these ideas? Do you like any of them? Think they will, ah-hem, fly? – René

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