Last-Minute MQM Run Atlanta to Mexico City $409 & 3010 MQM’s at 13.5CPM 2015 Year-End Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Tuesday, December 29, 2015  by John @laptoptravel


Medallion Qualification Miles Eleventh Hour Mileage Run

Time is Running Out for a 2015 Delta Mileage Run

So, you’ve waited until the dreaded minutes before midnight, end of the year 2015 to finally get all your Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) in, right?  No problem, just grab a quick flight out of Atlanta; surely Delta has lots of cheap flights the last two days of the year, right?

Nope, no way…not gonna happen!

A quick scan over last-minute airfares will send you to your local bank asking for a second mortgage on your home to get some of those flights! Ouch!

Well, I have another solution for you! Fly AeroMexico for Cheap! Yes, AeroMexico and Delta Air Lines are “big-time” partners now that the “Atlanta boys” own a piece of that Mexican flag-bearer airline (and they are buying more.)  What does that mean for you? You can fly to lots of last-minute destinations in Mexico for cheap and credit your flight miles to your Delta SkyMiles account.

Here is the chart that Delta provides to explain your earning potential on AeroMexico:

Earning Delta MQMs on AeroMexico

Chart Explaining Earning Delta MQMs on AeroMexico

Now, the best (cheapest) deal right now is Atlanta to Mexico City via Cancun.  That is good for 3,010 MQM’s on your Delta SkyMiles account.

AeroMexico Atlanta to Mexico City 2015 Last Minute Mileage Run Route Map

3010 MQM’s


AeroMexico Atlanta to Mexico City 2015 Last Minute Mileage Run Kayak

Click to See Flight Details

So, a couple of quick points.  After you click on the SELECT Link for the flight you want buy, in this case you are sent to  There is a Toll Free Telephone number to call if you have any questions (Toll-Free: 1-888-516-3050.)  The ONLY thing you should be concerned with is the Fare Code.  That is because Fare Codes E, W, N, R and V on AeroMexico only earn 50% MQM’s for the mileage flown.

Here is the CheapOAir Booking Screen

Here is the CheapOAir Booking Screen

Now I just spoke with CheapOAir and I checked with AeroMexico’s website and many of these seats are booking into U and M fare buckets. So, that means for the U and M fares you are getting 100% MQM’s for your miles flown.  The M fares actually give you an additional 25% on your redeemable miles. Refer to the chart above if you have more questions. All I am saying is that if you have any questions about your fare class call the telephone number (888-516-3050) or call AeroMexico directly at (800) 237-6639. Normally I do not go this far, but I think you better be safe and not sorry since this really is the “Eleventh Hour” for Mileage Runs and I certainly do not want you to be disappointed.

Now, here is the DIRECT BOOKING LINK to get these flights to show up for you on your browser.  Make sure you filter the flights to AeroMexico only.  Good Luck and we would love to hear your experience if you take one of these last-minute mileage runs!

Once again, another great Mileage Run story to tell all your family and dinner guests! If you take my example flights shown you will be back in Atlanta with plenty of time before New Year’s Eve!

Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

MQM’s:  3010 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $409

Cost:   13.5 Cents Per Mile (CPM)

Please DO NOT COMPLAIN about the Cents Per Mile Cost this late in the game!  I could show you lots of Delta flights at 35 CPM and higher going out in the next two days; some for less than 1,000 miles roundtrip!

So, we do listen to your concerns here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs  Best Wishes and Good Luck if you do take this trip; you’d be my hero!  -Enjoy your travels!   – John @laptoptravel


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