Understanding Delta partners & Virgin Atlantic airlines purchase

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This week Delta announced it’s 49% stake in Virgin Atlantic airlines Delta hopes to be complete by the END of 2013!  This is much more than say the partnership with Hawaiian or Alaska airlines. You can read about all the partners HERE on Delta.com.

If approved by the DOT the nice part about this, in addition to many more options to Europe and a very good business class product, there should be no worries about earning full RDM & MQM for all classes of service that one does have to worry about on other Skyteam partners like Aeroflot the Russian airline! Also, as part owners of Virgin Atlantic, award space should not be limited like it is with other Skyteam partners and any schedule changes should be fine on any DL or VA birds since they are saying the partnership will become a “metal neutral” deal. That is good news for us who love to earn and burn frequent flyer miles.

There has been a TON of discussion and speculation as to what this will mean by my fellow BoardingArea.com bloggers as you can see:

  • pointsmilesandmartinis HERE
  • viewfromthewing HERE
  • ghettoife HERE
  • onemileatatime HERE

I am jazzed about this and see only good things for us Delta flyers. All the details are FAR from being certain at this point, we should clearly understand, and even Delta in the official release said in the Q&A part that “More details will be announced in the future“.

So what do you think? Are you looking forward to this? What are the pros & cons you see? I am no DOT expert, if you are do you see any issues for Delta that could hurt or help us? Shout out and let us know! – Rene


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