Are Gogo Wifi Vouchers at last on the way as a Delta Medallion perk / Choice Benefit? If so, it is about time!

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This is interesting!

For many years now one of the top things readers have told me that they want to see as a Medallion perk is “free” wifi for reaching Diamond Medallion status. I have consistently said that is not going to happen and I still don’t see unlimited free Gogo wifi as a perk at any elite level. However, what could be on the way is a limited free perk or possibly even a limited elite Medallion Choice Benefits. Why do I say this?

Notice the above screen shot that is the “My Vouchers” in the “My Delta” page (when you are logged in to Delta and clicking on “More Details” tab to expand it). Yep, it has the info you see about Gogo Wifi Vouchers. I have never seen this before so I reached out to @Delta and was told:

…well not really the answer I wanted but thanks!

OK you see it too, but that is not all that helpful. I did not reach out to Delta Corp for a quote as they, as of late, tend to be less than forthcoming with any info that is not already live and in place (they used to embargo lots of info, nowadays not so much). So let’s speculate.

Can we NOT spray the 2Ku dome please? (not on this jet clearly, so don’t comment it is NOT on this jet)!

It is also no great secret that this past winter Gogo has had some serious issues with the 2Ku service. That is, it has been, often for weeks at a time, not working on some Delta jets. So called “experts” have speculated it was due to deicing fluid getting into the system while others have said this is not the real issue. Either way, the net result has been a tough winter for high speed Gogo service on Delta jets.

Now I am not saying this is the reason we may be seeing some kind of Gogo / Delta voucher on the way (but it may have been a factor). As already mentioned this is something I think most frequent flyers really want to see happen and giving out some number (maybe 8 or 12) per year would add some value back to the current medallion program that has suffered a number of hits over the past few years (think 250k Amex spend requirement).

Personally I get dozens of free Gogo passes each year from travel cards like my non-Delta Amex Business Platinum card that even works on International flights. To me, if you are paying for Gogo, you are simply not applying for and keeping the right mix of travel cards. But, getting a few more on top of these from Delta would not hurt and I am all for it.

What do you think? Would you like to see free Gogo passes each year automatically dumped into say a Gold Medallion and higher accounts like the HOOU drink vouchers? Do you think the higher the elite level the more vouchers you should get? Do you think they should be a Choice Benefit selection only? If the latter would you choose this as one of your Choice Benefits? Let us know in the comments below! – René