New boarding pass notification for TSA PreCheck & a bunch of good Mileage Run deals!

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 Sample from Delta corp

Some good news from Delta today from Delta that we will no longer have to “hope” we are selected by TSA PreCheck (I always feel like a puppy waiting for a treat when I wait for the 3 beeps)!

We’ve got some good news for you if you’ve already experienced TSA PreCheck. Starting today, we will become the first airline to print an indicator on kiosk-printed boarding passes to give you some advance notice if you’ve been selected for TSA PreCheck. On Thursday, April 19, we’ll add a similar indicator on OCI and mobile boarding passes. The indicators will be available at the start of the check-in window in all formats.

“TSA PRECHK” will appear immediately underneath the passenger name on printed boarding passes and for customers using mobile boarding passes the TSA PreCheck logo will appear at the top right corner above the barcode.

The TSA PreCheck indicator will appear on boarding passes throughout your itinerary whether the airport has TSA PreCheck or not so be sure to verify that the airport is a participating location.

The addition of this visual queue does not change any other aspect of the program, but it gives you some valuable information. While passengers with the TSA PreCheck indicator have been pre-cleared, no passenger is ever guaranteed expedited screening. The TSA continues to incorporate random, unpredictable screening measures. – DLCorpGuy

But, as the last few lines say, we may still get randomly pulled out by TSA. It will be fun to see what difference this does make in practice.



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