No, Delta has not banned CNN & FOX in the Sky Clubs (but you many not see them either)!

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Last week Gary from View From the Wing had a post: “Delta Doesn’t Want You to Watch CNN or Fox News in its Clubs“. The point of the post was reports that Delta has banned clubs from displaying these channels (if they have a TV(s) in the club that is).

Let me say I personally think both of these channels are poor “news” channels. Maybe it is just because I am old-ish and remember the days when news channels were almost all respected and not impacted by 24/7 profit driven programing.

Anyway, since there are a number of readers asking about this I decided to reach out to Delta for confirmation one way or the other about this and was provided the following quote:

We have recently changed the channels offered on the television screens in the Clubs. This move is in response to ongoing customer feedback regarding what they’d like to see in the Clubs, and we plan to vary the channels a few times throughout the year.” – Kathryn Steele Delta Corporate Communications

So there we have it. It seems that if members gripe, errr, give feedback that they do not like some channel being shown, that in that club they may show something else for a while.

I was just this past Sunday in the main A Sky Club in Detroit and you can see they are showing both CNN and FOX on alternative screens on one side of the club. In the central food court area CNN and a basketball game was on. – René