Delta’s Salt Lake Airport (SLC) Catering Issues “Should” be Coming to an End Soon!

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If you have been flying in and out of Salt Lake Airport (SLC) on Delta over the past few months, and have been in first class, you may or may not have been provided the meal choice you were expecting (or even a meal at all). And since Delta does not normally provision meals at many airports it flies to, this could have impacted your flight to SLC as well. But that should be coming to an end as of this week.

For those not aware, Delta has changed catering companies to the French company Newrest SLC (as well as other locations). Well, during the end of the old company’s contract, it seems, there was very little motivation for meeting the normal “Delta standard” of provisioning.

I asked Delta about the many month long ongoing issues and was told the following by an airline representative:

“Delta values that customers expect a consistent, elevated experience when they chose to fly with us. We’re currently working to ensure catering operations out of Salt Lake City are consistent with the rest of our network, and apologize for any inconvenience to customers.” – Delta Air Lines

The above is good since the airline, as late as this past Monday, was going to the desperate measures of simply buying meals from airport restaurants to feed first class passengers per user Ordhater on the FlyerTalk airline chat board.

Photo credits to Ordhater / FlyerTalk

I guess the above does qualify as making an extra effort vs. flying out with nothing as I was further told by the airline representative “while we’ve been experiencing challenges impacting selection, all our flights out of SLC are still receiving catering provisions.“.

Readers have told me that over the past few months they have been on flights where only “snack basket” choices were offered on flights that should have been long enough to have a proper meal provided per the Delta rules. Others have said they were handed a voucher by the gate agent and told to go buy something before they boarded their flight.

Working with subcontractors is never simple and I am one of the biggest cheerleaders for Delta when it comes to food onboard – normally they do just a good or even outstanding job when it comes to quality, consistency and flavors. Let’s hope with the new catering company now up and running the issues will largely be over.

Were you impacted this summer by Delta’s catering issues out of Salt Lake International Airport? – René


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