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There are days I like points and then there are days I LOVE points. Yesterday was one of those days. Even though I blog partially for a living, and can write a lot of travel due to this, I still always try to use points wherever I can (I am a frugal kinda guy). Also, maybe if you see how I think, plan, and book, maybe you will look at what you could do as well to save a few bucks when traveling. You do have to be a bit flexible, but the savings can be big! Every year BoardingArea has a little conference called “BAcon” that is Boarding Area Conference for the “team” and that part is covered by HOM that is “House of Miles” the parent company Randy Petersen runs. But I wanted to spend some extra time in Vegas as both Lisa & I will be going…

It is a perfect day in Dallas today. Sunny, warm and not a cloud in the sky. And if you happen to be anywhere near the Dallas Centurion lounge you can swing by and check out a brand new menu that has debuted today! I was told by the manager, Michael they intend to rotate every two weeks now. You can get entrance with any AMEX card for $50 per person or the better way is for free for you and up to two guests with either the: The Platinum Card® from American Express <—LINK The Business Platinum Card® from American Express OPEN <—LINK If you find on your travels you will frequent airports with Centurion Clubs either of these cards can be a real value to you for access to the clubs. You will need a same day departing or arrival boarding pass and ID to enter. Personally I…

Now that people are returning to the skies (and airports, of course), many are likely wondering what they can do to make the travel experience less stressful.

Airport club lounges are great places to recharge (yourself and your electronic devices!). You can relax, get some work done, grab a quick bite to eat, and enjoy a beverage.

Four different co-branded Delta American Express cards — and two different Amex Platinum cards — give members admission privileges when flying Delta. Is one is of those cards the “best” for getting you into Delta Sky Clubs.

Well, sort of.

Delta’s “refresh” of their co-branded American Express cards kicked in early today. One of the major changes involves Sky Club access.

Some Delta Amexes received guest passes. Several saw hikes in entrance fees for cardholders and guests. Two cards completely lost lounge access.

So which American Express cards provide entry (complimentary or otherwise) to Delta Sky Club airport lounges?

Let’s break it down.