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Oh I am just giddy over this one and may just have to book one just don’t know what day I will pick. There are SO many ways to do this. You can run it coach for lowest price. Or, what I like, book in 1st with 20k FlexPerks points as you are just under $400 for a ticket in 1st class and can do it all in just one very long day. It does NOT work from MSP only from ANC but still at this price even with position costs you are doing quite well. Again so many ideas including weekday or weekend runs (even with positioning flights out Friday back Sunday). You could even look at trying to (did not test) stringing two days of flights back to back with Flexperks on one sub $400 coach ticket. For me, I just like mileage running in 1st class. It…

Not for everyone but not all bad for 1st class under 10CPM before year end out of MSP (note you do have to overnight). You can look at the coach one as I would hope upgrades on the 25th will be simple and you can also maybe work this for a “bumpertunity” and get credit and change flights to maybe even another day 😉 Here is the info on the 1st class one: Cost $810 in 1st 8,392 MQMs at 9.7CPM Bookable on Delta.com Gold-Platinum-Reserve Delta SkyMiles® Credit Cards from American Express® Click HERE for more info

1oCPM in 1st class is my top limit for a good deal for a mileage run so this one makes it and it does have some other good bits that make it a winner. It is a weekend run and many are willing to pop for a little more for a weekend and it is a day trip aka out and back and done. There is a coach one too and I could only find one day that is the 10th that worked and you are talking 7.1cpm (yeah I would rather do the 1st class one too)! Here is what I found for the 1st class run: Cost $671 6,570 MQMs at 10CPM Bookable on Delta.com Do look around if you have any vouchers about to expire as this could be a great way to burn them up ans still earn points! Gold-Platinum-Reserve Delta SkyMiles® Credit Cards from American…

Need I say more than Coke & Taco? Oh my. This has dates open all of 2015 and is a B class fare that gives 150% bonus MQMs. This will NOT last. Book this one a TON. OH MY oh MY for a MSP run. WOW! Look at this: Cost $147 5,698 MQMs at 2.5CPM Bookable on Delta.com Just stunning numbers! Mind blown! Truly! I hope you get how amazing the numbers are on this. And out of MSP? Just – WOW! FYI – Yeah I booked one of these. I would love to book about 20 of these but my next year is too crazy too plan for yet. But I had a $100 ETV so for $47 bucks I jumped on one. I may have to work out a dinner with MSP readers pre-run if I do take the flights. Long time away so will advise! 🙂

Good Monday morning to my MSP Delta flyers! I have some good news a VERY good CPM for both a HUB and weekend run. You will have to overnight in SAN and enjoy a sunny day in SAN on Sunday before you redeye home and take Monday off from work but you know, in December, that is not all that bad right (hey I know you have a few extra vacation days to burn before year end right)! Heck, you can even take a week off if you want! Take a look at the weekend numbers I found: Cost $283 5,594MQMs at 5.1CPM Bookable on Delta.com – route via ATL both ways if possible I looked into 2015 but this one seems to be a year end run. I play to really do my best to find HUB runs if I can but keep positioning flights in mind if the…

For taking a Friday off, getting to spend a few days in San Diego (you do have to overnight) and rack up some nice MQMs from MSP is not too bad at 5.5CPM. Oh and if you would rather ride in style the BIZ option at 10CPM is tolerable too. Here are the facts: Two open dates in 2014: Sept 5-6 and Dec 5-6 Cost $310 5,594 MQMs at 5.5 CPM Bookable on Delta.com DM yields an nice 12,588 Skymiles per CWSI.net! I have included in the screen shots above the 1st class choice buy you don’t get the extra “free day” in SAN then again you don’t have to red-eye home either 🙂 Look’in out for all my fellow land locked MSP Delta flyers out there!

Call this a selfish weekend lounge run at a high end of acceptable CPM but it is on a weekend, you get 24hrs in DFW to go to the Centurion Lounge and enjoy! At least something for MSP hub captives to think about. Here are the numbers: Cost $238 3,274MQMs at under 7.3CPM Bookable on Delta.com DM yields 7,368 Skymiles per CWSI.net! Personally I would do this if I had say a $50+ voucher to burn and some hotel points (& access to the Centurion lounge too). That would bring it down to a fun weekend getaway. Oh, you could spend some time in Dallas too I guess 😉

I really waffled on this one but rather than just let it go will post and you all can decide what to do or just go – MEH! The reason I do like it is it is out and back in a day and you can go play in town all day and back that night. The downside is the CPM is not all that great AND it is an E class fare so no picking seats etc. Here it is: Cost $200 2,600MQMs at 7.7CPM Bookable on Delta.com DM yields a ok 5,850 Skymiles per CWSI.net! I guess try for a bump and don’t overspend with your visit to LAS? 🙂

I often get e-mails saying keep putting up 1st class runs (especially from hubs). Heck I am happy to drive to Chicago (2hrs away for me) When I can get under 8CPM in 1st class. To me, the upper range for a 1st class run should be 10CPM but it is Sunday so I am breaking my rules on this one! Here is the info: Cost under $936 in 1st class 8542MQMs at 11cpm Bookable on Delta.com DM yields 15,660 Skymiles per CWSI.net! I am really trying to find good prices from MSP & CVG in both coach and biz; you don’t need me to tell you it is not so simple. What I am thinking about doing for you all is tinkering with 2 run deals. That is, say I can find something good from wherever to wherever at 3-4CPM and then work to find MSP to that start…

This one is right up at the limits of a MR deal/post but it has a few things going for it. Dates are wide open, weekends are included, it is a day run back and forth and if you want to spend more to fly 1st you can at just over 11CPM on some weekdays. Here are the numbers and also thanks to reader Anthony for the tip (please keep them coming)! Cost $200 in E class 2,832MQMs a 7.1CPM Bookable on Delta.com DM yields 6,372 Skymiles per CWSI.net! PLEASE notice it is E class. You do earn full points but you will NOT be able to get seats in advance. You will be able to get medallion upgrades and as we know many Saturday flights are not that hard to upgrade. You may want to look at staying a few days to golf?

With a HUGE thanks and HT to reader Brian I get the help I want more and more of from you all. Look at this in either coach or 1st class as BOTH are good! Cost $244 in coach 4380 MQMs at 5.6CPM Cost $495 in 1st G class 6570 MQMs at 7.5CPM (nice for MSP 1st class run) Bookable on Delta.com (make sure you choose ATL connection for best points) Coach DM yields 9856 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 8,752 and FO 5460. First DM yields 12046 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 10,940 and FO 7660. Run the numbers but I really like the 1st class options on this one with same day turns. Many open dates as Brian says: April: Tuesday 15th, Wednesday 16th, Tuesday 29th, Wednesday 30th May: Saturday 3rd, Tuesday 6th,Wednesday 7th, Tuesday 13th, Wednesday 14th, Wednesday 28th August: Tuesday 26th, Wednesday 27th September:…

I am not a huge fan of this one that came out last week at the CPM is high for coach. But, I promised to put up HUB runs and WEEKEND runs. This, at an OK price, does both of those. Plus you get a full day to play in PHX and that can be fun and warm! Cost all in $180 2552MQMs resulting in 7.1CPM DM yields 5742 Skymiles per CWSI.net, PM & GM 5104 and FO 3190. Many other dates at slightly higher price over next few months. Since we are talking about HUBS, how about some feedback in the comments. Is 7CPM too high for HUB runs and/or Weekend runs? Is 8 MAX or 6 MAX? Love some feedback as to what is OK to post from NYC, ATL, MSP, DTW – René

My timing on my flights were perfect returning home yesterday from my mileage run. I landed in MSP 40 min early, and 1 hr after landing, had cleared customs with my Global Entry, been to the Skyclub, done a SDC to the 1PM flight to MDW, got my upgrade, and was flying again. Wow! But, if you are flying to MSP and airports around there, you had better check for today & tomorrows flights. Plus, this storm will move into the Midwest on Tuesday. If flying via Chicago or Detroit and the area check HERE at Delta before you head to the airport! – Rene ▲Delta▲ SkyMiles® Credit Card RESERVE/PLATINUM/GOLD from American Express® Click here for more information

American Express and Delta Air Lines just dropped some massive limited-time welcome offers for their cobranded SkyMiles credit cards.

Both flavors of the Delta Reserve card — the personal and business — offer a huge 20,000 MQM bonus and 80,000 bonus SkyMiles after spending $5,000 on purchases within three months of being approved for the card.

And the Delta Platinum Amexes (personal and business) both offer a hefty 90,000 bonus SkyMiles after new cardholders spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within three months of being approved.

Even the Delta Gold Amexes got into the act! The personal and business both offer a generous 70,000 bonus SkyMiles after new cardholders spend $2,000 on eligible purchases within three months of being approved.

Considering that award travel is possibly better for some Platinum and Diamond Medallions, these bonuses could help make some trips become a reality.

Delta jet tails are seen at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The business cards’ welcome offers also include statement credits.

These offers expire on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Let’s check out each card’s welcome offer in a little more detail!