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Delta Air Lines announced yesterday it’s leveraging the SkyMiles loyalty program in order to secure $6.5 billion in funding.

The carrier crated an indirect wholly-owned subsidiary named “SkyMiles IP Ltd., a newly formed Cayman Islands exempted company incorporated with limited liability.” (This might explain why Delta chose the Caymans — in addition to it being a beautiful destination, of course.)

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution’s Kelly Yamanouchi reported the move allows Delta to turn down a CARES Act federal loan. This way, Delta “(avoids) surrendering more control in return for new federal money. It also highlights the airline’s ability to tap capital markets and the continued popularity of credit cards offering frequent flier miles despite a steep drop in air travel.”

Should we worry about SkyMiles?

Planning to visit a hotel soon but unsure how to stay safe from coronavirus during your stay?

The Travel Insider’s David Rowell authored a 200+ page book entitled “Covid-19: What it is, How to Avoid it, and How to Survive it.” (Available to members of his site.)

He posted on his blog an excerpt entitled “How to Minimize Your Virus Risk in a Hotel.” Below are some of the more salient points I thought you find interesting.