Air Safety


EDIT: Correction can be found HERE. Crew was  NOT  asleep but communication was lost for ~30 minutes between the flight and air traffic controllers.   A Guest Post by John @laptoptravel The tragic loss of EgyptAir’s Flight 804 is still fresh on the minds of the world, and especially the travel industry.  Without any definitive answers we are left to wonder what caused the loss of so many lives. Within a few hours of the disappearance of MS804, a Delta Air Lines jet was also streaking across the skies above the Mediterranean Sea; Delta flight 8957 (a Boeing 767-400 charter flight from Frankfurt Hahn to Kuwait.) Air traffic controllers around the world were on a heightened alert status and as the DL8957 strayed into Greece’s airspace they took immediate and decisive action to prevent what could have been (in their minds) another potential airline disaster. Controllers based at the Athens airport continually…