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Nearly all of the co-branded Delta American Express cards offer various travel benefits. One of them is “Priority Boarding.”

The perk can be quite valuable to some people for those with elite status. It’s even more beneficial for folks without elite status and who fly on Basic Economy tickets.

Some folks think “Priority Boarding” means “Sky Priority” (it doesn’t).

So let’s examine the benefit in a little more detail — especially because of the Delta Amex welcome offers expiring soon.

The Companion Certificate benefit that comes with four Delta Amex cards is an excellent way to save money on trips you take with someone.

But I know plenty of people whose Companion Certificates go unused every year. Maybe they’re too busy to use the certs, don’t have a large circle of family or friends with whom they can travel, or they just plain ole forget.

However, there are few ways that may help you — and others — use a Companion Certificate.

Only two weeks remain for the limited-time welcome offers available for the American Express and Delta Air Lines cobranded SkyMiles credit cards.

And given the recent, temporary changes Delta announced to the SkyMiles program, now might be the perfect time to get a new Delta Amex card — and load up on points.

Consider that award travel — including SkyMiles redemptions and Miles+Cash bookings — earns up to 175% MQM, MQS, and MQD through the rest of 2021.

That’s potentially even juicier for Platinum and Diamond Medallions. Why? Delta Air Lines now allows Medallions to redeem Upgrade Certificates on both Award Travel and Miles + Cash tickets on Delta-operated flights. Plus, there’s no limit as to how many travelers you can upgrade with your certificates. (Read more here.)

With people starting to again plan trips but perhaps facing some wounded wallets, credit card points can be a great tool to help make those travel wishes become a reality.

American Express and Chase are a couple of heavyweights in the travel rewards credit card world. And that’s especially the case with their products offering transferrable points. (Amex’s Membership Rewards and Chase’s Ultimate Rewards.) These cards are helpful because you’re not necessarily “locked in” to one loyalty program.

For example, you can’t transfer Delta SkyMiles to another program. You have to use them for redemptions offered only by Delta.

Having transferrable points gives you a lot more travel options. Maybe your preferred airline constantly devalues its partner redemptions. Then you discover a different carrier offers a better awards deal to a dream destination. If you don’t have the points to pay for the other airline’s great rewards points, then you’re kinda stuck.

That’s where cards such as American Express Membership Rewards and Chase Ultimate Rewards comes in. Both offer decent lists of airline and hotel partners to whom points can be transferred on (generally) a 1:1 basis. And they overlap in nearly 10 different programs.

Let’s take a look.

Delta’s blocked middle seats policy will expire on April 30. That was part of the news announced yesterday along with some great MQM, MQS, and MQD bonuses.

Some people are understandably nervous about getting back on planes. But if you’re really concerned about physical distancing and need an open seat next you on Delta flights, we have a solution that might help you.

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Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers a “rookie” topic of either a Delta- or travel-related theme — and attempts to break it down to a basic level. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

I’ve heard several people say words to the effect of “Well, you can’t have more than one Delta American Express card.” They — and a few others — are also under the assumption you can’t earn bonus MQM from multiple Delta Amex cards.

With the welcome offers available now for Delta Amex cards, this is a good time to tackle those questions.

American Express and Delta Air Lines just dropped some massive limited-time welcome offers for their cobranded SkyMiles credit cards.

Both flavors of the Delta Reserve card — the personal and business — offer a huge 20,000 MQM bonus and 80,000 bonus SkyMiles after spending $5,000 on purchases within three months of being approved for the card.

And the Delta Platinum Amexes (personal and business) both offer a hefty 90,000 bonus SkyMiles after new cardholders spend $3,000 on eligible purchases within three months of being approved.

Even the Delta Gold Amexes got into the act! The personal and business both offer a generous 70,000 bonus SkyMiles after new cardholders spend $2,000 on eligible purchases within three months of being approved.

Considering that award travel is possibly better for some Platinum and Diamond Medallions, these bonuses could help make some trips become a reality.

Delta jet tails are seen at Minneapolis−Saint Paul International Airport (MSP) in Bloomington, Minnesota.

The business cards’ welcome offers also include statement credits.

These offers expire on Wednesday, April 28, 2021.

Let’s check out each card’s welcome offer in a little more detail!

The big $595 annual fee posted to my most recent Business Platinum Card from American Express statement.

I really like the Amex Business Platinum Card. (As a whole, I’m an Amex fan). Its points earnings are meh — but the 35% Pay with Points rebate is great. (It was once even better: 50%) In fact, René encouraged me to get this card and I consider it some of the points advice he’s ever given me.

American Express offered me a big, giant nothing last year. Nonetheless, I decided to lob a call into Amex to see if there were any retention bonuses on the table this year.