American Express


Delta’s “refresh” of their co-branded American Express cards kicked in early today. One of the major changes involves Sky Club access.

Some Delta Amexes received guest passes. Several saw hikes in entrance fees for cardholders and guests. Two cards completely lost lounge access.

So which American Express cards provide entry (complimentary or otherwise) to Delta Sky Club airport lounges?

Let’s break it down.

Two weeks remain in January. This is especially important for cardholders of the personal/consumer Platinum Card from American Express, the Business Platinum Card from American Express, and personal/consumer American Express Gold Card.

Why? Because this month is when existing cardholders may change their preferred airline for their card’s (or cards’) annual airline incidental credit. (New cardmembers applying later in the year can select their airline upon receiving their card.)

Which cards get how much credit each year? Does every airline participate? What charges are eligible? Let’s tackle those questions!

Ridesharing’s popularity continues to grow — and banks know travel-savvy cardholders want to be well rewarded for Uber and Lyft purchases.

We’ve certainly seen a marked increase not only in travel and transit categories but some boosts to general cashback cards, as well.

The busy holiday season means airport rides and holiday celebrations — a perfect time to use rideshare! So with that, here are our picks for the best credit cards to use on your rideshare purchases!

Today’s the last day to apply for the Delta American Express cards’ special, increased welcome bonuses — and lock in a full year of their current annual fees.

It seems like just yesterday the deals were announced and we said, “You have until October 30 to apply!” Well, the 30th is already here — and hours are ticking away until Amex pulls the offers.

On that note, Amex has been known to end promotions at random times. We’ve seen deals disappear late night, afternoon, and even late morning.

So now’s the time to apply.

Complimentary first class upgrades are a major reason people pursue airline elite status. Delta knows this — and gives members of its co-branded American Express cards improved chances of sitting up front.

As René wrote yesterday, 20×2020 is in full effect. So if first class upgrades are important to you, here’s how Delta Amexes play such a vital role scooting you up the upgrade list.