Sunday, November 22, 2015 by laptoptravel Well, in fairness to our just posted Seattle to Dallas Delta Mileage Run we just posted, let’s play the flip side of that story. Here is a Seattle to Dallas Mileage Run via American Airlines (Hello AAdvantage Members) AAdvantage American Airlines Mileage Run I have been monitoring prices changes and fare wars over the weekend, and especially between American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Let’s capitalize on some of these created opportunities. If you might be considering the AmericanAir product going forward (perhaps a SkyMiles bailee?) or simply an AAdvantage member seeking lots of EQM’s then for less than $400 (Hello perfect FlexPerks deal) then grab this one up now! There is no way I believe this is going to last. This is very nice if you just like to fly! You leave Saturday, fly all day Saturday and Sunday and get back just past…