Wednesday, January 20, 2016  by John @laptoptravel Now….Los Angeles to Boston I just love a same-day transcontinental flight, especially when it is a sub- 4 Cents Per Mile (CPM) Mileage Run.  And a bonus to boot; I found a route with flat-bed seats on one segment that are eligible for complimentary upgrades! So, American Airlines this morning sent out an “attack fare” on Boston to Los Angeles round-trip.  Delta just responded by offering this $159 round-trip from Boston to Los Angeles.  It also works from Los Angeles to Boston for $168. We only found it for same-day on one date for the BOS-LAX route and two dates for the LAX-BOS routes, as shown in the calendar above… These are available on Delta.com, so you can simply use their own “Book a Flight” to find these… You can do an overnight, or even up to 3 nights for the same price……