If you love deals and need an affordable set of Bluetooth earbuds, then you must check out this promotion on Aukey’s EP-T21s — on sale for $17.69 through Sunday, January 17.

They carry an MSRP of $49.99 but sell on Amazon for $29.99. But if you using promo code UHDTHUIU knocks your subtotal to $17.69! Our research found this is the lowest price ever for these earbuds.

Some people need a cheap pair of earbuds as a backup. Others (like my father-in-law) are just wading into the world of wireless earbuds. So this could make a great starter set before moving up to something more expensive like Apple AirPods.

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In the meantime, here are some deals valid through the next two days. Earphones, luggage, and tablets are of interest to many travelers, so those were some of the first Prime Day specials we wanted to bring to your attention!