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Planning to visit a hotel soon but unsure how to stay safe from coronavirus during your stay?

The Travel Insider’s David Rowell authored a 200+ page book entitled “Covid-19: What it is, How to Avoid it, and How to Survive it.” (Available to members of his site.)

He posted on his blog an excerpt entitled “How to Minimize Your Virus Risk in a Hotel.” Below are some of the more salient points I thought you find interesting.

My wife and I love cooking. But we enjoy taking a meal off here and there. That’s when we rely on DoorDash, Grubhub, and Seamless!

Several cards offer statement credits for food delivery service purchases. In case you have one of these cards but didn’t know about those perks (or maybe need a reminder) or are on the fence about getting one, let’s check out five that’ll help you save money on food delivery.