Delta Air Lines


Delta 360 is the “unpublished” (but published…) special tier of status the airline reserves for its most valued, prized passengers. (Sorry, Diamonds. It ain’t you.) The status is invitation-only; Delta doesn’t publish its requirements for this special, uber-elite status.

But Delta has an important relation$hip with American Express. The airline stands to rake in about seven billion dollars from Amex between now and 2023, thanks in no small part to their co-branded credit cards.

So should Delta Amex heavy spenders receive a special, elevated status above Diamond?

I wrote yesterday about my first time encountering Delta Air Lines’ new Main Cabin international experience (which is the same in Comfort+, too).  For the most part, I was quite impressed with the food and wine during my SLC to CDG flight last week.

But my trip back to the States — a London Heathrow to Atlanta hop — wasn’t very impressive.

Based on reader reaction to yesterday’s post as well as Twitter comments, it seems many people are underwhelmed by the new product — and displeased with the slow service times.

Here’s what my experience was like during the ride home.

Delta sure has a curious preoccupation with event tickets.

First, they announced a SkyMiles promotion with Ticketmaster. Now, the airline teamed up with the NBA’s Los Angeles Lakers to launch the “Showtime Seat Exchange,” a charitable campaign allowing fans to exchange game tickets for plane tickets.

It’s an interesting concept — and might make sense for other event tickets, too.

Today’s the last day to apply for the Delta American Express cards’ special, increased welcome bonuses — and lock in a full year of their current annual fees.

It seems like just yesterday the deals were announced and we said, “You have until October 30 to apply!” Well, the 30th is already here — and hours are ticking away until Amex pulls the offers.

On that note, Amex has been known to end promotions at random times. We’ve seen deals disappear late night, afternoon, and even late morning.

So now’s the time to apply.

Complimentary first class upgrades are a major reason people pursue airline elite status. Delta knows this — and gives members of its co-branded American Express cards improved chances of sitting up front.

As René wrote yesterday, 20×2020 is in full effect. So if first class upgrades are important to you, here’s how Delta Amexes play such a vital role scooting you up the upgrade list.

A nice perk of Delta American Express cards  (even the Blue one)– is a 20% savings on in-flight purchases made during Delta flights.

But does everything you buy during a Delta flight qualify as an “in-flight purchase”? (Hint: no.)

Great Delta Amex welcome offers expire Wednesday — and new applicants can enjoy a year of current annual fees before they’re raised.

So let’s learn a little more about this perk — and if there are any better options to consider.