Delta Air Lines


Ah, Hollywood magic. (Or Atlanta magic, in this case.)

Delta released a spiffy, impressive new video this afternoon showing off the airline’s defenses against coronavirus to keep all of us safe while we travel.

Workers fog planes; gate agents dutifully wipe down monitors; flight attendants carefully examine a cabin before presumably boarding their passengers with the power to stop a flight if not up to the rigorous standards they require.

One segment of the video features Sky Club agents performing a thorough cleaning that would make most crime scene cleanup crews blush.

But in the grand tradition of media production, it seems there were a few “enhancements” brought in.

A couple of my family members are understandably concerned about traveling during the coronavirus COVID-19 pandemic. They recently booked a trip using the companion certificate from my Delta Reserve Credit Card from American Express — and are now considering postponing.

They were curious about what would happen to their reservation if they do, indeed, forgo their trip.

So I contacted Delta for some answers.