Delta Reserve for Business Credit Card from American Express


Rene's Points Rookie travel post.

Please note: this post has been edited to reflect changes to certain credit card names, images, and earning structures.

Discovering a great mileage run deal from your home airport or city is always fantastic.

But what if you live somewhere like Omaha, Bismarck, or Casper — and most of the good runs begin in Chicago, New York, Vegas, or somewhere in California?

Take a positioning trip to wherever your mileage run starts!

While not ideal, it may be your only choice. (Don’t forget Adam at Juicy Miles can personalize an MQM or MQD run for you!)

“But that’s more time and money!” you may fear.

Time, yes.

Money? Maybe not. Or at least, not as much as you think. Using some points and credit card benefits, it can be done.

What AMEX card(s) am I going for next? Do you need an EIN number for business cards? Do business cards show up on your credit report? What Qualifies for the $50 Statement Credit on the Delta Gold Card(s)? Does the AMEX 4/5 card rule count business cards? What impact does a Delta business card have on MQD exempt spending? <- Coming soon I am constantly stunned how many times readers make simple mistakes that cost them so many points. The first mistake is NOT reading this post that, if you do screen shots, gives you the in print proof you need, that is, what cards does AMEX says you have ever had (since the new card bonus is now just 1x ever in your lifetime with AMEX). The next major failing so many just dismiss out of hand are business travel cards. Notice a trend in my shot above and…