Delta Sky Clubs


Delta Air Lines opened a Sky Club last fall inside the new Terminal A at Salt Lake City International Airport (SLC). Even though the lounge debuted about seven months ago, many of us are only now starting to travel again and haven’t had the opportunity to visit the club. So as far as we’re concerned, this club is new. 🙂

And Delta really did a bang-up job with the addition.

I recently visited the SLC Sky Club and am excited to share the experience with you!

Delta’s “refresh” of their co-branded American Express cards kicked in early today. One of the major changes involves Sky Club access.

Some Delta Amexes received guest passes. Several saw hikes in entrance fees for cardholders and guests. Two cards completely lost lounge access.

So which American Express cards provide entry (complimentary or otherwise) to Delta Sky Club airport lounges?

Let’s break it down.

We established last month that premium beverage purchases at Delta Sky Clubs don’t count towards either the personal nor business American Express Platinum cards’ annual airline incidental credit. (Or Amex Gold Card‘s, for that matter.)

But if you’re in a Delta Sky Club and don’t feel like the well/complimentary alcohol? Maybe you want to buy the good stuff. Which credit cards award you bonus points for those transactions?

Normally, I stick to wine at Delta Sky Clubs (the red blend). I love bourbon — but don’t particularly enjoy Jack Daniel’s (the Delta Sky Club’s house bourbon) neat or on the rocks.

So I took it upon myself to conduct an experiment.

I visited a couple of “The Bars” at Delta Sky Club and purchased premium bourbons. You know, for science’s sake. 😉

I tried three different credit cards:

Here’s what I found.