Delta SkyMiles


Merry Christmas, indeed! We get lots of requests for mileage runs from Atlanta (and other Delta hubs). They’re generally hard to find — but we’re always excited when we find one.

Here’s a true mileage run (i.e. not leaving the airport, doing tons of flying) from Atlanta to Delhi, India in Virgin Atlantic Premium Economy.

UPDATED: 3:00 PM EST/12:00 PM EST: Based on reader comments and my personal tests, it seems the issue is resolved. Back to work, everyone! 😉

Shut out of your Delta Air Lines SkyMiles account? You’re not the only one. Delta is experiencing a known technical issue right now preventing SkyMiles members from logging in — and being able to view and change itineraries through their accounts.

Besides nicer seats and better food, passengers traveling on paid Delta One, Premium Select, and domestic first class reservations also enjoy increased MQM.

Full first and business earn 200% MQM. Discounted first and Premium Select fare classes award 150% MQM.

Heck, even Y & B coach tickets earn 150% MQM.

But Delta Air Lines’ Comfort+ product — which is a more expensive fare than discounted Main Cabin/coach tickets doesn’t have an MQM bonus.

C+ entitles the ticket holder to a couple of inches more legroom than most other coach seats, priority boarding (even before Sky Priority), complimentary alcoholic beverages, and an upgraded snack basket.

Delta touts this as a premium experience — yet doesn’t award premium MQM.

Diamond and Platinum Medallions almost always can select complimentary C+ seats immediately (space providing) after booking Main Cabin reservations. It’s pretty much pointless for them to ever buy C+ seats. (Golds and Silvers may be upgraded 72 hours and 24 hours prior to departure, respectively — provided their seat of choice is available.)

We’ve written why C+ usually isn’t all that great. At least, not as spectacular as Delta seems to think it is. Paying for C+ reservations seems like a waste of money — especially for Platinums and Diamonds (unless that’s the only spot within your budget left on the plane).

However, if Delta increased the MQM earnings for this “premium” and upgraded experience, it might be somewhat tempting to pony up a few extra bucks and purchase these fares.