Friday, May 13, 2016   by John @laptoptravel Available Dates in October / November  Following up on our recent Mileage Run post, San Francisco to Dublin, we put forth another opportunity to get to Dublin, Ireland; this time from Denver. It appears that there are some weaknesses on several international routes, as evidenced by recent earnings statements by the Big 3 U.S. domestic airlines.  As a result, passengers can take advantage of sale prices that we are seeing sporadically.  American has been very aggressive with Asia routings and now we have found a great fare to Europe for those of you considering a Fall trip; this time to Dublin, Ireland. Although this is a great vacation fare to Europe it may not technically qualify as a Mileage Run (priced at 5.6  cents per mile) but still is a low airfare (for Delta) to Dublin that is NOT an error fare; it is…