Dallas to San Francisco $511 Delta First Class Elite Mileage Run at 5.6CPM

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Friday, June 3, 2016   by John @laptoptravel

Banner DFW-SFO First Class

Well for followers of the Elite Mileage Run blog and our Twitter followers we have a great First Class Mileage Run found on Delta Air Lines again.

I am actually heading out shortly on a huge trip but got a weird alert on my computer search this morning telling me there was a ‘fare discrepancy’ (make of that what you will…) So I felt compelled to check it out and dig some more.

DFW-SFO First Class (1)

A Sample of a Coach Search Result                   Click on Image to Enlarge


Sure enough, I found a little trick that will help you great a First Class itinerary earning 9,200 Medallion Qualification Miles in a single overnight itinerary; one which I have done twice myself.

So, once you search for the lowest coach fare (I found these for between $310 and $318) which is still not a bad coach run…you can then wait for Delta to offer you the opportunity to upgrade to First Class for $50.25/per person/per segment. So for an additional $201 you are getting your confirmed First Class seats, food service as well as 50% bonus MQM’s.


DFW-SFO First Class (5)

DFW-SFO First Class (2)

Look Closely: Click Image to Enlarge


For some reasons that I really did not have time to investigate many of these First Class fares are not showing up on the typical searches the public might use.  That is why this little upgrade trick is  so sweet!

Neat, huh?

Well, here you go.  Don’t forget to first log into your Delta account and then proceed with our booking instructions.

KAYAK DIRECT BOOKING LINK  Click on the “View Deal” that will take you through to Delta’s booking site.

Dallas – Detroit – San Francisco – Detroit – Dallas  June 14th-15th (Overnight)

FARE:        $518

MQM’S:    9,200 Medallion Qualification Miles

COST:        5.6 CPM (Cents Per Medallion Qualification Mile)

In searching for dates (a very complicated process, without much help from many of the online travel agency (OTA) sites) I found the following Departure dates:

June 7th     June 13th      June 14th     June 16th

and June 28th (Note this fare is a bit cheaper at $510.60 for First Class)


DFW-SFO First Class (2)

Check out this fare!      Click on Image to Enlarge


Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs  – Best Wishes and Happy Travels. Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel



Delta Sky Club Dallas DFW Airport Review – Terminal E Remodeled location near Gate E11

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A Guest Post by John @laptoptravel

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Front Desk

Click any photo for full screen slideshow

Recently I spent quite a number of days in the Dallas area doing some (photographic) work, attending the NASCAR Duck Commander Race and Re-Qualifying my Hyatt Hotels Gold Passport Diamond status.  During that time, Delta completed its remodel of its Sky Club, located next to Gate E11. It re-opened 48 hours before my departure flight from Dallas. Given the opportunity, I checked out of my Hyatt DFW hotel suite to spend a few hours at the Sky Club and review it for René and his readers.

New Directions and Entrance

Upon exiting the TSA security lines, right in front of TGI Friday’s, most passengers would notice the sign directing them to the new Sky Club; a left turn towards Gate E11. The previous Sky Club had been located in the same Terminal (E) at mezzanine Level, by gates E22-30. It is quite a walk from the TSA lines to the new club, but that will improve when there will be a new security queue closer to Delta check-in counters around the end of May.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Exit TSA Security Sign

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Entrance (2)

During the grand re-opening, Delta placed an arch at the entrance made up of blue and red balloons.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Entrance (1)

Upon entering, one is greeted by a nice front desk area done in deep wood colors and a large Delta Sky Club sign mounted on an acrylic surface on the back wall. Behind this desk, to the left are the restrooms.  The desk has the Sky Club card readers now out on the desk so a guest can hold on to their membership card, guest pass or mobile device while having their credentials scanned; no need to hand anything over to a desk agent here.

Crowded, But Not Really?

I arrived at the Sky Club just past 2:00pm and found it to be about one-third full.  Having said that, understand that 95 percent of all guests were seated by the food service line, bar and windows that face out towards the tarmac and runways. It is strange that Delta’s guests in the lounge will be looking out the windows to United and JetBlue jet ways, aircraft and signage. I am not used to that, but the lounge’s location is not directly on Delta gate locations.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Gate Windows (1)

SkyClub Guests will have JetBlue and United Airlines aircraft and signage to look upon


As I stood at the desk I saw many seating areas (four specifically) behind me.  Of the 40 seats or more, only three were occupied. There is a room that seemed more colorful and better lit, but appeared to be a family or reading area.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating 01

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (8)

Next to it was a row of work cubicles; a chair, a counter and two A/C outlets. I found those to be oddly claustrophobic as the cubicle sides run very high from the floor and were very narrow in my opinion. Off down a hall from the cubicles were two larger private cubicles that could seat two with a counter, a single chair and outlets.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Cubicles (3)

Past those two units one will find the ‘business center,’ simple as that may be. A motorized shoe buffer is to find on the floor, along with two trash receptacles, a paper shredder as well as a single printer that operates as a HotSpot Printer™.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Business Center

“Business Center”

There is a conference room located in the Sky Club which seats six comfortably.  I observed no counters or shelves in the room; just a desk and six high-back chairs on rollers.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Conference Room

There are six chairs grouped near the front entrance area.  Strangely, there are only two power outlets to be found between them all. I witnessed more than one person attempt to sit in one of these and search for a nearby outlet.  After I pointed out that they had none each person chose to move to another area where an outlet was mounted next to a seat.  I think that with the needs of devices today power outlets should be plentiful in airports and especially at a lounge that caters to (mostly) its most frequent of flyers.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (9)

A lack of power outlets throughout

Food and Beverage Service

There are three areas for food and beverages.  The first, closest to the front desk is along a wall that has a single television mounted above.  The television showed a local news channel the entire time.  On that service line one will find a two-layered shelf of coffee cups, two (portable) dispensers (one for coffee, the other for hot water), a carafe of cream, flavorings, sweeteners, stir sticks, an assortment of teas, and lastly napkins. A trash receptacle is at the end of the counter. It is a very bare presentation and overtly states its lack of abundance.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service

That’s a bare minimum service!

The second, the more familiar area to most guests, is the food service line.  This is found farthest from the entrance along a wall that at one end is next to the bar area and on the other end finds the row of windows providing views to the airport’s runways.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (2)

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (1)

Again, the simplicity is highly understated for a lounge of the (arguably) largest airline in the world and its passengers, guests and worldwide SkyTeam members. Quite concisely, it offers the minimum one would expect from a Sky Club, and the minimum just won’t do for many in today’s evolving competitive landscape of airport lounge expansions and refreshing.

Plastic utensils are found in a clear plastic holder, followed by two soup choices (this day they offered Wicked Thai Chicken with Rice and a Vegan Vegetable.) This was followed by a large plastic container holding ice and three plastic food holders.  The first contained half cauliflower and celery sticks, the next offered sliced red peppers and raw baby carrots and the third held raw baby carrots (yes, again) and sliced cucumbers. It seemed obvious to fill one of the containers with all raw carrots, but that would visually detract from the presentation; in this manner it appears that six offering are being made, where in fact it is just five.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (2)

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (3)

To the right of the vegetables a single stainless steel bowl set on ice holds green lettuce; nothing more.  It is flanked by your choice of ranch and Caesar dressings as well as oil and vinegar pouring bottles. No croutons, grated cheese or any other food accoutrements one might anticipate in a lounge (supposedly) designed for the comfort and luxury of its guests.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (4)

Next, we find two stainless steel serving bowls; one contains a vegetable salad of banana peppers, olives, carrots, red peppers and beans.  In the second one can have (in my opinion) the delicious chicken salad.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (5)

Lastly, there is dessert; a poor and failed attempt at the objective.  There is a tray of ginger cookies alongside (in this case, a fully supplied stock of eleven pieces) of a cherry cheesecake; the only flavor offered.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (6)

If you haven’t been underwhelmed sufficiently yet, let me take you to the third and last opportunity for food or beverage; in this case the bar.

Let me pause for a moment and reflect on what I had hoped for in the bar, or least had anticipated when I knew that the Sky Club was re-opening at Gate E11.  I have visited a lot of Sky Clubs and although I did not expect the Luxury Bar of the JFK Flagship Sky Club or the modernly elegant San Francisco Sky Club lounge, I had as my minimum expectations the previous bar at the Sky Club that had been located on the Mezzanine level near Gate 22.

RenesPoints_Old DFW SKyClub Bar

The “old” SkyClub’s Bar at the DFW Airport


Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (13)

The NEW SkyClub’s Bar at the DFW Airport (E11)

Are You Impressed Yet?

This bar has (again) a feeling of claustrophobia, in that it is merely four high chairs along a straight counter with no signage or decoration one might expect from a Delta Sky Club bar. Just look below in its basic presentation. What do you think?  The liquor bottles are just sitting along the plain, flat-painted back wall on shelves; nothing distinctive. There is the smallest TV on top of a cabinet in the corner; no huge wide-screen display, or multiple TV’s mounted like in many of the Sky Clubs.


Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Service from the Heart

Service from the Heart (Delta Founder’s Saying) Found on the Floor of the New DFW SkyClub

Final Thoughts

Last year, René reviewed the old SkyClub.  In that review he stated: “Overall this is one of the nicest Skyclubs I have been in.” Unfortunately, this new SkyClub falls short when it comes to the food and service areas as well as the availability of power outlets at more seats.  In my opinion, they had the space, the previous SkyClub and so many others to pick from the best but fell short.  Have fun flying…we’ll see you there! Have you visited the new DFW Sky Club? What is your opinion of the “new” lounge?   John @laptoptravel

Dallas to San Diego $218 & 5886 MQMs at 3.7CPM Overnight Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Saturday, January 23, 2016 by John @laptoptravel

DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run MultiCity

Click for Details – Multi-City Booking Tool


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Delta Calendar

Available Dates in February/March


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Delta

Delta Booking Page


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run RouteMap

DFW-SAN The “Mileage Runner’s Way” 5,886 MQM’s


DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run Schedules

Some Options Each Day for Different Connection Times (SkyClub Time?)

This Dallas to West Coast USA Mileage Run deal just continues along.  We have found (and flown) many in the past few months.  Now here is a chance to work it San Diego, the southernmost airport in California for Delta and therefore the one that gets you the most Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) for your flying dollars.

As you can see from the calendars and flight schedules I have posted you have a lot of options!  The easiest way to book this is to use the Delta Multi-City Booking Tool. I included an image of that above and you might want to click on it to see just how I forced Delta to give me the flights connecting through Detroit (DTW).  Otherwise, Delta will either take you through Salt Lake City (SLC) or through Los Angeles (LAX) and as you can see from my posted RouteMap above that just won’y give you the maximum MQM’s!

So, further to make this exciting, I took a look at the seatmaps. This is something I always do before booking a Mileage Run just to see how many First Class and Comfort+ seats have been taken (oh, don’t get me started on the Comfort+ fiasco about to happen on May 16th) .

Take a look at the SeatMaps for the flights I have chosen (March 8th out at 3:18pm) and first flight back into Dallas at 9:27am

Now, honestly, how many other sites look at SeatMaps ahead of time for its readers?

DFW-DTW-SAN March Mileage Run SeatMaps

Wide Open Seating! Get in First to to be Highest on the Upgrade Queue!

So it is a late afternoon flight (in my example) and an overnight return.  You can leave early and spend more time in a Detroit or San Diego SkyClub, but remember on your return the Detroit SkyClubs might likely be closed; so choose wisely.

Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

MQM’s:  5886 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $218

Cost:   3.7 Cents Per Mile (CPM) 

We hope you enjoy this great find!

Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs

Best Wishes and Happy Travels!  Let us know if you go and get a First Class Upgrade!

Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel



Omaha to Jakarta $722 & 21,351 EQMs at 3.6CPM AAdvantage Miles Mileage Run

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Sunday, January 3, 2016 by John @laptoptravel

American Airlines AAdvantage Mileage Run OMA-DFW-HKG-CGK March 2016 Route Map

Jakarta_Skyline_Landscape_Mileage Run American Calendar

OMA-DFW-HKG-CGK March 2016 American Airlines AAdvantage Booking

It looks like we are off and running in 2016 with some amazing Mileage Runs for the readers and followers of RenesPoints and Elite Mileage Runs.

Midwest magic starts in Omaha today with this American Airlines AAdvantage Miles Mileage Run.

Omaha to Jakarta, Indonesia is just a ton of miles and you can get it for as cheap as $772.  I love this run since you get to enjoy the magnificent Cathay Pacific product from Hong Kong to Jakarta and then Japan Airlines from Jakarta to Tokyo (NRT).

I did find dates all over the place, but this one route on March 28th is the rock bottom cheapest deal!  At $772 you are paying 3.6 Cents Per Mile (CPM.)


Also if you have Elite Status already with American, look out because you are going to get a ton of EXTRA AAADvantage Miles. Let’s take a look at those:

AAdvantage Status

Bonus Miles




Executive Platinum






Elite Status Mileage Bonus

American Airlines AAdvantage Elite Status Mileage Bonus


This is a neat Mileage Run in that the connections are really nice; none too long and none so tight as to make you nervous. You have a twenty-three hour layover at the Jakarta Airport; you arrive close to 11pm and your return flight departs at 10pm the next evening. If you want to catch a few hours of sleep there is a transit hotel at the Soekarno-Hatta International Airport so do not worry about the layover (long connection) time. You could also take a sightseeing tour into the city.

Now I will tell you that you can choose other dates.  It seems that Mondays work through most of January, February and March, but this last one (March 28th) like I said is the cheapest.  Still, you can do other date pairs for between $780 and $880, so you are not forced to take just this example.

If you are considering American Airlines’ AAdvantage program this is a great way to get some EQM’s and a lot of redeemable miles before they go to revenue-based miles earning program in the latter half of this year. If you were to do this same itinerary after that happens, then you would earn 3,860 AAdvantage miles versus the 21,351 today (a loss of 82% in miles!)

The Details:

RDM’s:  21,351 Redeemable AAdvantage Miles (RDM’s) (Elites Earn More, see above)

EQM’s:  21,351 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $772

Cost:   3.6 Cents Per Mile (CPM)

Bookable on AA.com

Sign in first to your AAdvantage Account and then click this DIRECT BOOKING LINK and then click through to book through AA.com

So, we hope you will follow us along in 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs  – Enjoy your travels!   – John @laptoptravel

Dallas to Fort Lauderdale 1st class $479 & 6346 MQMs at 7.5CPM Same-Day Delta Elite Mileage Run

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Saturday, November 28, 2015  by John @laptoptravel

Detroit to Fort Lauderdale First Class December 2015 Route Map

6,346 Delta MQM’s

Detroit to Fort Lauderdale First Class Delta December 2015 Calendat

Available Same-Day or Overnight Dates

Detroit to Fort Lauderdale First Class Delta December 2015


Well, amazingly after just posting our previous two First Class Elite Mileage Runs early today, I have found another great First/Business Class run. This time, instead of heading “out west” let’s aim for the sunny shores of Fort Lauderdale, Florida.

As you can see by the posted calendar, there are a handful of dates that work in December, the one I am showing as an example here is the sweetest! It is a same-day run that leaves Wednesday morning, routes through Detroit (in both directions) and gives you just over an hour layover at the Fort Lauderdale airport before beginning your return flight to Dallas. As boarding typically begins 50 minutes prior to departure, this is a walk off the plane and get in line to board the return!

In fact all the connections are nice and tight, so no wasted hours in the airport. And since you are flying First Class, your meals are provided along your way (at 35,000 feet up.)

If you would rather head to Las Vegas for a day and half and get 8,200+ MQM’s then check out our earlier post here

You might have to be persistent in booking this through Delta. Their booking system kicked me out three times before I finally got through and priced it to match.

The Details:

MQM’s:  6346 Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $479

Cost:   7.5 Cents Per Mile (CPM)

Bookable on Delta.com

A total of four segments, here is your routing: DFW-DTW-FLL-DTW-DFW

(Wednesday’s Dec 9th)   DIRECT KAYAK BOOKING LINK

(Tuesday’s Dec 15th)   DIRECT KAYAK BOOKING LINK 

(Tuesday’s Dec 15th with Return on the 16th)   DIRECT KAYAK BOOKING LINK 


Detroit to Fort Lauderdale First Class December 2015

Click for Flights Details

Please LOGIN first you your Delta.com account before clicking any links. The, once you are signed into your Delta.com account then click on the desired link from above and then choose your flights by pressing SELECT on the flights displayed that match the Mileage Run I have posted. You will then be taken directly into a Delta window where you can see the flights, the miles, and the cost. From there you can also choose “Pay With Miles” (if you have a Delta co-branded American Express card) and Purchase the ticket!