Why You Should Consider a Mileage Run Booked by a Professional

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Wednesday, November 2, 2016 A Guest Post by John @laptoptravel


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Let’s just admit the fact; we are all natural procrastinators. It is not that anyone plans to NOT get things done on time…it’s just that life gets in the way.  Every person has work, family and personal demands on their lives. Then sometimes unforeseen events simply take the best laid plans and throw everything into a kilter.

For all elites in the major airline programs there is an annual requirement to meet a specific segment or elite mileage qualification requirement to renew those statuses or to reach a new level. The end of each year, therefore, becomes a mad rush for many seeking to reach or renew an elite status with an airline (or any loyalty-based) program.

Every flyer should know that Mileage Runs are not dead!

A good start…you should read what I believe is the first article I ever wrote for RenesPoints blog more than a year ago:  Are Mileage Runs Still Worth It?

In fact, they are often cheaper than buying MQM’s from Delta, as René wrote a few weeks back:

“For the past four years Delta has, in November or December, offered the option for most elites to buy MQMs. While the prices have at times fluctuated depending on whom you are or how many points you had the max prices each year were:

$ 995 for 10,000 MQMs in 2012 or ~10 cent each

$1995 for 10,000 MQMs in 2013 or ~20 cents each

$2095 for 10,000 MQMs in 2014 or ~21 cents each

$2995 for 10,000 MQMs in 2015 or ~30 cents each
You can see a scary pattern going on here and one that I would think will continue this year, that is, 2016. While I have no confirmation that Delta will again sell MQMs, if they do, expect the price to go up yet again. How high can it really go and people still buy points I ask? My guess is this year will see a “modest” jump to $3095 for 10,000 MQMs (still a completely insane number).”

Mileage Runs are occasionally posted on the internet, and Elite Mileage Runs and my own blog laptoptravel are great places to follow. For quicker service, follow @EliteMileageRun as well as @laptoptravel on Twitter for immediate alerts!


Crazy Cheap Mileage Run to Costa Rica

However, I find it necessary near the end of each year to post less of those as our team is working full-time finding Mileage Runs for clients and so we cannot ‘split the baby’ during these times.

As a professional mileage run and award travel booker (I currently work on staff at JuicyMiles) I always start off the new year by reaching out to our previous year’s clients reminding them to get started early with their status goals.  Personally, I do take my own advice.  In fact I renewed my Delta Diamond Medallion status in June of this year and now am able to ‘cherry pick’ the best deals out there and just earn extra Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s) for rollover.  By the middle of December this year I will be almost ready to rollover enough MQM’s for Diamond status in 2018 (good through February 2019.)

To my point of this post; perhaps you should consider using the services (and resources) of a Mileage Run service like Juicy Miles. The advantages are we have the experience, resources and commitment to find the best deals most efficiently.

We work all hours of the day, often while you are sleeping…. we are searching for amazing deals to reward you with cheap elite qualification miles to meet your targets. We do it for every airline; every program.  In fact, I have just begun to share my own tips and techniques in travel seminars (like the Chicago Seminars, and hopefully soon Frequent Traveler University sessions.)

Here is an example of my own personal commitment to your needs:

This past week, our internet service became unstable and practically useless as a result of continued rains.  It seems that squirrels had spent some of their time during the warmer, dryer summer days nibbling on Century Links’s transmission wires.  After a few days of prolonged rain the water seeped into these lines and rendered the system worthless.

Sure I spent a few extra hours at Starbucks and other sites for Wi-Fi service to continue working for clients and their Mileage Run requests. Over the weekend, however that became an impossible solution. With more than fifteen requests in my hand I relocated to a Doubletree (by Hilton) with premium internet service to handle my clients’ needs.

It was not all wonderful, though. In the middle of the first night (around 2am) we were evacuated from the hotel due to a false fire alarm and had to walk down ten flights of stairs…and I still kept working on client Mileage Runs upon my return to the room after the ‘all clear’ was sounded.


Relocated to Doubletree (and Got Evacuated) to Work on Clients” Mileage Run Requests

It is that type of dedication and relentless effort that you get when you hire Juicy Miles. That is just one benefit.  You get people who specialize in the special nuances of finding amazing deals, understand the fare classes, partner rules, upgrade potentials as well as award ticket options to make your next booking the best possible experience for you with the minimal amount of input and time.


Recently I tweeted out the above

This is actually three tickets that cost a total of about $390 (plus a use of SkyMiles to re-position twice.)  The payoff is more than 32,000 MQM’s, that’s less than 1.2 Cents Per Mile (CPM.) Now this is a rare exception, so it is no promise of future results, but it illustrates the point; Professionals do perform better, on average, in finding you the best Mileage Run deals.

When it comes to award ticket bookings; well each one is a story within itself as well as a formidable job in most cases. Having someone who knows the rules and inner-workings between mileage programs and partners are priceless resources when you want to take that aspirational trip, to take that special someone…to take the family!

So two things to do now:

First, take an inventory of where you currently are in your airline program(s) and contact a Juicy Miles professional today to help you meet your goals. My suggestion? Do not delay! Do it today as the window of time (and opportunities) dwindles ever so quickly as the holiday travel season is upon us! Secondly, make a commitment to start out the New Year by getting a mileage run booker working for you when there is no time-crunch like you might be facing today!

If you like the idea of letting a professional do the work for you…try  JuicyMiles  and see what they can do for you. There’s no risk; you give them the parameters- the time frames, the airports and if they do not find anything that works there is no fee to you!

Thank you for reading the blog and I hope to see you at a seminar, or reader meet-up (Coming Soon) or always in the sky in the near future!  — John (@laptoptravel)


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