First World Problems


One of my family members enjoyed a fun surprise the other night.

Her Delta Medallion status drops this week from Platinum to Gold. While booking a Delta trip for this summer, she lamented she could no longer select Comfort+ seats shortly after booking (a perk reserved for Diamond and Platinum Medallions, inventory permitting, for free as an a but instant “upgrade”).

A Delta Million Miler brag tag on baggage.

Achieving Million Miler status is a pretty big accomplishment. Each time you accrue a million miles on an airline, the carrier gives you a gift of some sort.

Delta gives you annual Silver at 1M or Gold status at 2M & 3M or Platinum at 4M (depending on how many millions of miles you’ve earned) and some luggage or jewelry.

United, meanwhile, steps it up. While UA may not give you premium luggage or shiny bracelets, they gift both you and a companion annual elite status. American gives you miles and upgrades.

Nice, right?

Is it time for once Delta copy United and American — and up their Million Miler game?

RenesPoints Rookie

Welcome to a regular feature on the Renés Points blog. This blog series covers in a “rookie” way either a Delta or travel related theme and attempts to break down to a basic level each topic. You can read up on all the previous posts HERE. Now on to this featured topic.

A Delta One business class seat on a Delta Air Lines A330 aircraft.

You’re excited! Why? You’re flying a Delta domestic route on a plane outfitted with Delta One seats — and have a seat assignment up front!

Personally I am beyond thrilled that Delta has improved the medallion program by including your +1 on the same reservation as you for upgrades (if they are at least a SkyMiles member). I can tell you as someone who normally flies over 100 segments each and every year the 2 or 3 times a year my wife joins me it will be nice to have a shot at an upgrade for both of us and it will likely be on a weekend, even more improving my shot as a Diamond. This change had to happen for Delta. From my days in SkyPanel I can share that folks from any elite level were just livid about not being able to bring their +1 into C+ as it was before (I know, not shocking news, everyone felt this way). So Delta had to make C+ upgrades work for +1s to keep mass…

Tuesday night I was invited to attend the private launch party for the very impressive new Delta Sky Club in the B concourse at ATL Atlanta airport. It really is a very nice open space to enjoy while waiting for your flight and I think I will find myself spending much time there. Present at the event were all the “who’s who” from Delta including the CEO, Ed Bastian. I had not met Mr. Bastian yet so it was a treat and a chance, as a Delta frequent flyer, to ask the head of the airline I fly so much to please fix something for me/us. Now your head may be spinning thinking of all the things I could ask him to fix for us. What would be the one thing you would ask? Would it be “fix SkyMiles”? Not going to happen and too broad and the head of…

For some strange reason, on the mileage run side of the blog, I keep finding good deals to fly to Dallas (oh yeah, it could be because of the Centurion DFW). But the other fun reason is a chance to visit HardEightBBQ in Coppell, Texas just outside the DFW airport. I really like their brisket but shipping a “block” home is a bit on the expensive side. So that begs the question, can you simply bring one home with you? Yep, but it takes some effort and planning. I would, as soon as you place your meal order, ask them to get an uncut brisket and start to ice it down and wrap it up for you for transport. The next thing you need is a insulated bag and preferably one that is as water proof as possible. Oh and the bag has to be large enough to hold a…