A Delta Million Miler brag tag on baggage.

Achieving Million Miler status is a pretty big accomplishment. Each time you accrue a million miles on an airline, the carrier gives you a gift of some sort.

Delta gives you annual Silver at 1M or Gold status at 2M & 3M or Platinum at 4M (depending on how many millions of miles you’ve earned) and some luggage or jewelry.

United, meanwhile, steps it up. While UA may not give you premium luggage or shiny bracelets, they gift both you and a companion annual elite status. American gives you miles and upgrades.

Nice, right?

Is it time for once Delta copy United and American — and up their Million Miler game?

Say you’re enjoying first class and your companion (significant other, friend, whoever) is back in coach. You’re having so much fun up front — but you’re a nice person and you really want to let your companion experience it, too. Would you go back and swap seats them during the flight? The Back (and Forth) Story FlyerTalk member tomSEA was seated in first class, his family back in Comfort+. He writes that halfway through the flight, he traded spots with his wife. He was “scolded by the (flight attendant) that they can’t allow people going ‘back and forth and back and forth.’” He told the FA that he and wife would swap seats only once, the beverage he ordered up front was available in Comfort+, and that the first class seat was originally his. “They dropped it and all was well,” he wrote. From what I gather (and gather…