Las Vegas


Las Vegas — a city long linked to the Super Bowl because of the game’s popularity with gamblers — now has an even bigger interest in the NFL championship.

The Las Vegas Raiders recently relocated from Oakland. Their new home — Allegiant Stadium — opens this year.

And the 2020 NFL Draft takes place in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip this April.

All this begs this question: when will Las Vegas host its first Super Bowl?

Las Vegas is becoming more synonymous with fees than it is gambling (or your favorite vice of choice).

In addition to resort fees, there’s another surcharge you should know about: the “CNF” fee.

So if you’re headed to Sin City this weekend or any time soon (maybe for one of the mileage runs involving LAS), watch out for this bogus fee — and know you can fight it.

Even if your travel plans don’t include Las Vegas, it might be something worth keeping in mind during future travels. Other destinations might think, “Oooh, we can do that and make more money!?”