Las Vegas


Las Vegas — a city long linked to the Super Bowl because of the game’s popularity with gamblers — now has an even bigger interest in the NFL championship.

The Las Vegas Raiders recently relocated from Oakland. Their new home — Allegiant Stadium — opens this year.

And the 2020 NFL Draft takes place in the heart of the Las Vegas Strip this April.

All this begs this question: when will Las Vegas host its first Super Bowl?

Las Vegas is becoming more synonymous with fees than it is gambling (or your favorite vice of choice).

In addition to resort fees, there’s another surcharge you should know about: the “CNF” fee.

So if you’re headed to Sin City this weekend or any time soon (maybe for one of the mileage runs involving LAS), watch out for this bogus fee — and know you can fight it.

Even if your travel plans don’t include Las Vegas, it might be something worth keeping in mind during future travels. Other destinations might think, “Oooh, we can do that and make more money!?”

Some colleagues and I walked down the Las Vegas Strip about midnight during a recent work trip. We saw a variety of people: tourists of all shapes, sizes, races, demeanors, and sobriety levels. Attraction hype people. Security and police officers. Vendors. Street performers.

You know, the typical Vegas Strip crowd. (Really, people you may see in any major city.)

We also saw some families with children in strollers.

One of my work friends asked our group a colorfully-phrased, rhetorical question:

Heads up, Southwest travelers. Hopefully it’s a glitch (or payback for my teasing them) but the airline of LUV quoted me two wildly different prices to change an award flight. Quick Backstory My family and I have an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday party. We opted to fly Southwest from Burbank instead of Delta out of LAX for a few reasons: LAX is a disaster right now (more than usual). Flying to Vegas from LAX would take longer than driving. BUR is closer to our house. And much simpler. I had Rapid Rewards points to burn, thanks to one of my clients who nearly always books us contractors on Southwest I had enough Rapid Rewards points for one round trip, so I used them for my reservation. My wife and daughter booked using a separate Rapid Rewards account topped off with enough points thanks to a…

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  Saturday, November 28, 2015 by John @laptoptravel Let me follow-up my last Mileage Run post (which was San Diego to San Juan) with another trip headed to the warm, sunny shores of San Juan, Puerto Rico. This may not have the same appeal for Californians as for those stuck in the harsher northern climates, but it is still MQM’s on the cheap. Perhaps many of you could reposition to Las Vegas to take advantage of this, or to San Diego to hop on that other Mileage Run starting from there and get your MQM’s in before the year’s end. Now, let us look at our second Mileage Run to San Juan. Again, Delta is being very difficult when it comes to pushing some fare prices through. I worked the numbers and had this fare down to $415 but Delta (again, like with my previous post) keeps tossing me out…