Medallion Choice Benefits


Tuesday, February 9, 2016  by John @laptoptravel Quick Note:  I am posting this a a guest article on behalf of René, who is a bit under the weather. Hope you get better soon, buddy! Once upon a time, the backbone and foundation of the points and miles landscape was the ‘game’ know as Mileage Runs, or mileage running.  Personally, I have been doing that for a number of years but only recently has it made it to the ‘big leagues’ and the forefront of a lot of loyal elite members’ minds. What is a Mileage Run? Following the September 11th attacks, airlines saw their passenger counts fall dramatically; it was a scary time for both travelers and airlines. It was not just limited to air travel, but included trains and cruise ships as well.  The airlines quickly took evasive action; parking airplanes in the desert near Tucson (more specifically, the Davis-Monthan Air…