Monday, November 30, 2015 by John @laptoptravel So, I am posting this I wanted to refine this amazing deal to make it even better for Mileage Runs.  GO it alone, or take a companion.  It seems that Delta is not blocking any holiday dates, as you can see by the calendar I placed above. My search was for 1-4 nights, but it looks like you can stay even longer at the same prices. So, to maximize your MQM’s you should put LAX (or in some cases SEA) in either the outbound or the return route.  However, Delta’s online booking system is not liking those ‘enhancements.” I did get the one shown to price out at Delta.  So let us assume you can do no better (although you should keep trying; maybe you will get lucky.) I picked a departure of Thursday, February 11th as my target, staying over the holiday…