JFK to Miami $72 and 2383 EQMs at 3CPM (Potential of 4766) Miles American Airlines Elite Mileage Run

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Saturday, March 5, 2016    by John @laptoptravel


JFK-MIA Book Map

JFK-MIA BookPage

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So following up after our incredible “Houston to Hong Kong $589 and 17246 EQMs at 3.4CPM (Potential of 34492) Miles American Airlines Elite Mileage Run” post from a couple of weeks ago, I am featuring another another American Airlines Mileage Run for you AAdvantage members (or wannabees.)

Here is a chance to escape the winter blues in New York and hop on a plane to Miami and spend a night and the next day to enjoy the sunshine, warmth and beach before you have to return. A worthy Mileage Run, I hope you would agree.  This one is priced at a CRAZY $72 for New York’s JFK airport to Miami.  You can do a same-day, if you really want to, but why I ask.

Although you are flying in ‘Q’ fare class you still earn your Elite Qualifying Miles as shown:


LAX-SJU Feb Mar 2016 American Earnings Chart

In addition, Executive Platinum and Platinum members will earn a 100% bonus and Gold members will earn a 25% bonus, based on the flight miles or minimum miles guaranteed, when traveling with American Airlines.

Elite Mileage Bonus Benefits

Executive Platinum    100%

Platinum    100%

Gold     25%

So that makes your redeemable miles even more rewarding on this itinerary.

This could be a great time to contact American Airlines and request a status challenge, if you have not already achieved status with the airline.  Currently the only way I know of to begin, or enter this challenge is to call American Airlines.  You can call them at (888) 697-5636. The cost for the Platinum Challenge is $200 and the Gold Challenge is less at $100.

As you can see from the calendars and flight schedules I have posted you have a lot of options!  The easiest way to book this is to use the link I have provided you below:

*NOTE: Make sure you sign into your AAdvantage Account before you click on this booking link.


Anyway here are the numbers:

The Details:

EQM’s:     2383 Elite Qualifying Miles (EQM’s) 

RDM’s:     4766 for Executive Platinum and Platinum Elites, 2979 for Gold Elites

Ticket Price:  $72

Cost:   3.0 Cents Per Mile (CPM) 

We hope you enjoy this great find!

I think American is really kicking it when it comes to some great mileage runs and competitive fares!  I have seen more fare wars and attacks in the past 72 hours than I have seen in a long, long time! With the mileage bonuses for elites, it is almost too good to turn down; especially if you go for a status challenge.  The mileage runs we post are excellent vehicles for you to meet your status requirements.  Be advised, however, that American’s award chart changes for travel booked on or after March 22nd of this year and they will be going to a revenue-based earnings program (almost identical to Delta’s) in the “latter half of 2016.”

I am really excited about the possibilities for big Mileage Runs as American is sure to take Delta on more aggressively this year and as posturing for the Asia markets increases.

Thank you for visiting and following us, hopefully throughout 2016 here at Renes Points and Elite Mileage Runs  Best Wishes and Happy Travels.   Enjoy your travels!  – John @laptoptravel



New York to Athens Greece $764 at 5.9CPM 12920 MQMs Delta Weekend Elite Mileage Run

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Monday, November 30, 2015 by John @laptoptravel

LGA-ATH (Dec 2016)_RouteMap


LGA-ATH (Dec 2016)_Delta

LGA-ATH (Dec 2016)_Delta

LGA-ATH (Dec 2016)_Kayak


Delta is having their own Latin & South America Sale.  Good for them – we can do BETTER! We post the best deals and cheaper Mileage Runs than Delta will ever give you as their “Special Sales”.

Here is a great deal to Athens, Greece! That’s right, the birth of the Olympics, Athens, the home of The Acropolis and so much more! Athens averages 56°F in December, so for many of you in the north that’s a big improvement.  I found this sweet itinerary for you.

I know many of you are in a panic of how to get enough Delta MQM’s before the year ends. There are only a few days left; REALLY! And you know you do not want to be fighting the crowds at the end of the year. Looking at some of the seatmaps, I think you will do better going across the Atlantic than you would facing the domestic crowds on holiday travel and Mileage Runs!

I am putting this out there as the CPM cost (5.9) is really good for Europe around the Holidays. It is relatively easy for most Delta flyers to re-position to New York to take advantage of a whole lot of Medallion Qualification Miles (MQM’s).

The US Dollar is strong in Greece, and they operate on the Euro, which at the time of this posting was 1 Euro to 1.06 US Dollars. Or, 1 US Dollar is worth .95 Euros.  This is historically a great bargain and the US Dollar is up 18% over the same time a year ago.

As a weekend +1 day (Monday) run, it is very reasonable at 5.9 Cents Per Mile (CPM)

US passengers visiting Greece are required to have a US Passport. No Visa is required. This destination is definitely in my sights in the near future!

There are very few dates open in December for this run, although the cheapest date is departing La Guardia (LGA) Saturday, December 5th, arrive Athens (ATH) on Sunday evening have a night stopover before departing for your return on Monday morning, December 7th and arrive back in New York (LGA) that same evening.

  • Something to Remember: This is a “Pay With Miles” Eligible Flight,
  • So You Could ‘Buy Down’ the Cost of the Fare with SkyMiles
  • A total of six segments, here is your routing: LGA-ATL-CDG-ATH-CDG-BOS-LGA

The Details:

MQM’s:  12,920 Medallion® Qualification Miles (MQM’s)

Ticket Price:  $764

CPM:   5.9  Cents Per Mile (CPM)


Before you click on the booking lick I just provided (shown above) please log into your Delta.com account first. Then click on your DIRECT KAYAK BOOKING LINK

Choose the flights shown above and then press SELECT (on the Kayak site) which will take you directly to Delta.com’s booking engine. If you really want the MQM’s and you can afford a single weekend to get them in, here is a way to get a bunch!– John @laptoptravel