What a great way to start the week! Actor-author-director-producer-songwriter-vocal artist-spokesman-entrepreneur-horseman-philanthropist William Shatner tweeted about René’s Points today! Quick Backstory I was Mr. Shatner’s assistant for almost seven years. I arranged his schedule, travel (with some help from Priceline, of course!), meetings and all the other assistant-y duties. He also taught me a lot about the entertainment industry, the creative process, and life in general. I also co-produced two documentaries with him: Gonzo Ballet and The Captains. I produced his charity’s annual event, the Hollywood Charity Horse Show (which is a great charity). We’ve spoken a few times since I left to pursue my own endeavors and ran into each other at a mutual friend’s birthday party a couple of years back. I wanted to let him know I’m now writing for René’s Points — but had no idea where he’d be today. (He is the busiest man in the universe,…