Review of Delta’s Newest Massive Flagship Sky Club in Seattle SEA – A First-Hand Visit

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Saturday, October 22, 2016 – A Guest Post from John (@laptoptravel)


Delta’s Newest Sky Club Preview Event, Seattle, Washington

On Thursday, October 20th, 2016 Delta unveiled their newest flagship Sky Club. It opened for a Private Preview Event which was invitation-only. In spite of other reviewers who are members of the press or allowed to attend media events earlier in the week, I actually am just a long-time Delta SkyMiles member and entered through the doors without special privilege (other than the invitation.)


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So, enjoy this true, first-hand review of a person who was actually there and not writing a review based on a set of ‘press photos’ dispensed to reviewers (who never set foot in the Sky Club) from Delta and at a live event with lots of invited guests and Delta personnel. I just flew back in from Seattle the same night of the preview…

during the Opening of Delta Air Lines Sky Club A in Seattle Washinton, Thursday, October 20, 2016

The Official Preview Event Prior to Public Opening of Delta Air Lines Sky Club A in Seattle Washington, Thursday, October 20, 2016

This Review is ‘The Real Deal.’


Warm Greetings by Delta Sky Club Staff at Private Preview Event

This new facility has an on-site spa (with retail shop), a full-size kitchen, six shower facilities, a full-service Delta desk, tons of seating options and magnificent art throughout. The food and beverage offerings will also feature local beers, wines and tastes of the Pacific Northwest.

You can enter the Sky Club with a number of AMEX cards or, if you are a Skyteam elite plus status and are on a coach or anyone on a business class international departing (or connecting) ticket, you can also get in free.




The new flagship Delta Sky Club at Seattle-Tacoma (SeaTac) airport is found next to gate A1, in Concourse A, which is a welcome addition since the other Sky Club is located in the island Terminal S and requires a ride (or three) on SeaTac’s satellite transit system depending on what gate you connect from if you are in transit.


The location is a great space for Delta. Located near the Central terminal, and close to Terminal C as well, the location will allow more flyers to have easier access to a Sky Club. At the same time, it makes a bold statement to all Seattle passengers that Delta is a formidable force in the burgeoning Seattle market.

If you are familiar with the airport, the lounge is just a bit south of the Central Terminal (where the large food court is located.)

Upon entering the A concourse, the Sky Club can be found just before gate A1, next to the Seattle Tap Room (a restaurant.) If you are entering through TSA’s security lines, you will find the Sky Club a short walk to your right upon exiting those lines.

The club is impressive, and I do not mean on a simply domestic comparison; Delta has raised the bar of excellence on airport lounges with this newest addition. It feels massive and it should! The lounge occupies more than 21,000 square feet (third largest in the Delta system) with an enormous glass paneled 30’ high wall facing the tarmac and Mount Rainier along one entire side of the club.




It also has a very large balcony seating section which can be accessed by either of two staircases, one at the front and another at the rear of the Sky Club.


From virtually anywhere in the club, weather permitting, patrons will be treated to stunning views of Mount Rainier.


The colors of this flagship lounge reflect the colors of the Pacific Northwest; hues of blue and green that blend in soft tones throughout, but there is also the splash of deep, rich colors scattered throughout. All of these are presented on a backdrop of earth tones of brown, cream and tan which leave observers with a calming sense of comfort and relaxation.



Notice the use of the greens and blues and the partition separators evoke the feeling of moving water and clouds, fitting for the Pacific Northwest.

Of course, there will always be a splash or two of ‘Delta red.’


The Sky Club has seating for 413 occupants and the mixture of options for finding a place to sit are varied, functional and simply beautiful! The true center of the lounge, and sure to be a conversation piece, is the massive three-sided curved couch.


I just love this couch!

Above the couch is a large sculpture; it is a wood sculpture, the work of local artist Paul Vexler and the centerpiece of the lounge. Since the space runs 30 feet from floor to ceiling the work finds a perfect place and encourages the observer to ‘take flight.’


Sculpture by Paul Vexler

There also are several counter tops with stools along a few sections of the glass windows for airplane watching while spending some time inside the lounge.

Check-in and Full Service Desk

Upon entry through the motion sensor sliding opaque, light blue sliding glass doors, travelers will find a standard Delta Sky Club check-in desk to their right. To the left, just around the corner will be a dedicated Delta full-service desk.



Travelers should appreciate the separation so a customer can get help with their travel issues without having to worry about those seeking to simply check in to the Sky Club. It also is obviously a time-saver.

Art is Abundant, and Well Presented

Art is featured throughout the club, and in a few areas almost as if the Sky Club was an art gallery to itself. Two major displays in the theme of gallery presentations can be found either along the back wall of the balcony seating area or along the wall which leads toward the rear staircase on the main floor.





In the balcony area, art is captured between displayed prints and collections of crayons; all presented in acrylic box frames.


Downstairs prints are similarly presented with an amazing display of sculpting forms out of the graphite from artist pencils! Look closely; it will amaze you.





My favorite piece has to be the work of Atlanta studio artist and photographer Craig Allan McMillan, who has produced the San Francisco Sky Club’s mural of the Golden Gate Bridge. Craig was on hand at the event, and I got to chat with him for a bit. He even presented me with a personally noted and signed print of the Pike Place Market mural piece which hangs above the full service desk of the club.



The piece is a variation of a pixelation theme of composing a single image made up of sometimes hundreds of smaller images; a composite if you will. This one is unique in that it is not simply images meshed together on a single flat surface but actually has many individual and distinctly differently framed photographs that work into making this piece of art three dimensional. It is exceptional and there is art everywhere!
















Throughout the club you will find seating for all needs; whether it be that you are traveling alone and need to get some work done, or engaged in a conversation with just another companion. There are many opportunities for larger groups, besides the massive leather couch. There are many four and six seat arrangements that feature a common center table.
















One unique piece I fell in love with was the dining room table located near the rear of the Sky Club. With seating for eight it promises to be popular for business travelers who need a conference-like table or for families.



Asanda Spa On-Site

I had the chance to view (and experience) the firstfruits of Delta’s new partnership with Asanda Spa of New York. In speaking with the location’s manager I learned that Asanda will be adding a second spa, logically so, at the New York JFK Terminal 4 Sky Club operated by Delta.


Treatments are available on a fee basis and appointments may be booked in person, appointments soon can be made using a MINDBODY Android or Apple app or even a Facebook function.



Asanda Spa Treatments and Price Sheet

The spa has a retail space in the Sky Club where a large selection of products is made available for purchase.



I found the treatments offered to be fresh and yet very hi-tech. For my massage, I was seated in one of the three massage chairs and there is a visual screen which a patron can set to match their desired preferences. It features music and scenery which help relax the wearied traveler. I chose beaches, waves and undersea just in case you had any doubts. A pleasing scent was also placed and I was encouraged to ‘breathe deeply’ during my twenty minute massage.

Asanda Spa will have three massage chairs, in addition to zero-gravity lounge chairs available. In some sessions, meditation is aided and guided by Deepak Chopra.




Each individual treatment area is separated by privacy curtains and subdued lighting. However, I did find the overall space a bit tight, but once one is in a chair receiving treatment it matters not in my opinion.

Wines and Beers

Andrea Robinson, Delta’s Sommelier was on hand talking about wines that will be featured in the Sky Club that are local to the economies of the Pacific Northwest such as Chateau St. Michelle. Complimentary alcoholic beverages served from the Sky Club’s bar will also feature a local IPA beer produced by Georgetown Lucille, in addition to featured vodkas from Glass Vodka.





Snack Dispensers Are Located at the Bar, seems so obvious, right?



The bar will also make available fresh squeezed orange juice, upon request. How special do you feel now?

Food Service

Food at the new Sky Club will follow along the newer Sky Club’s offerings, much like that of JFK’s Terminal 4 and the San Francisco lounge. That is, there is a great self-service food bar, and in the case of Seattle, local offerings that compliment the choices.

The entire beverage, The Bar and food are along one continuous, and curved line! The appearance is so elegant and goes along with the curved theme of much of the entire Sky Club; complimenting the nod to the Pacific Northwest and its oceans and skies in design and decor.

The Seattle Terminal A Sky Club will also feature the long-standing local favorite; Mac & Cheese made with local Beecher’s cheese. I happen to love that. Also found will be Beecher’s chips and cheese.


Food will be prepared daily composed of local, fresh ingredients, under the leadership of local Seattle Chef Ethan Stowell. The self-service will provide an assortment of snacks and salads as well as the standard fare of hot dishes and soups.







Convenient that Delta Places a Flights Notification Wall Near the Food Service Line…Just So You Will Not Miss That Flight!

During breakfast serving hours, typically until 11am, Alki Bakery bagels will compliment the food service, which will also feature oatmeal, hard-boiled eggs, yogurts, danish and many choices of spreads and toppings to go with local breads.

Delta also has promised features that will change and some offerings may just be a single day or time, just to keep the excitement going (and I think for menu development as well.)

Of course, for the Private Preview, Delta brought out all the stops with food from Ethan Stowell’s kitchens:




Fresh local oysters along with shrimp and crab!






Power Outlets and USB Ports Everywhere

One specific seating feature I really liked were the ‘pods;’ seating areas for one with an adjustable reading lamp as well as power ports conveniently located. A really neat added item is a moveable ottoman to rest your feet while in a pod. One of the most appreciated features for visitors to the lounge will be the fact that every seat, everywhere has power available! Finally, Delta responds with action and delivers upon travelers’ request for more outlets and USB ports.






It feels that every seat is a ‘view seat’ whether along the edge of the balcony overlooking the lounge below and the airport (and mountain views beyond) or along the floor of the main floor with the 30’ glass viewing windows…every seat has a great location.





Given that the Sky Club is so large and with a very open feeling, which hits a visitor upon entry, it feels massive and airy, which it is. Therefore, travelers are likely not to feel closed in or cramped even when the Sky Club is very full.


I did get a tour of the shower area. Funny, but the attendant asked if I wanted to actually take a shower. I would not want to waste a minute of taking in the new club during it’s private premiere, so I passed. But next time, the six shower rooms are waiting.


They remind me quite a lot of the ones in the JFK Terminal 4 Sky Club but without the overpowering red tiles and feature more earth tones in their design.



Ample space to shower, shave, take care of personal hygiene, make-up application, perhaps brush and blow-dry hair and undertake a change of clothing. Considering Seattle has quite a future for long-haul travelers returning from Europe and Asia it is a great needed feature and probably appreciated by many a weary traveler.




The new standard in Delta restrooms…we are seeing these in all the new Sky Clubs:







This art piece almost blinds you as you walk into the restroom. The same as in a few other U.S. Sky Clubs


 Summary and Final Thoughts

Claude Roussel, who is the Managing Director Sky Club for Delta Air Lines, spoke at the event and expressed what I believe this SkyClub represents. He said that for so long, both he and Delta’s customers had experienced outstanding lounges on their international travels but were always let down when returning to a domestic lounge. He said now Delta was changing that.


This sentiment was echoed by Mike Medeiros, VP Seattle Operations for Delta. After my first-hand experience I fully agree. Delta has hit one out of the park with this unveiling of its new gem in the system.


For the first time, I consider this as much of a destination lounge as I would think of the Virgin lounge in Hong Kong, or the First Class lounge in Heathrow, although certainly not up to the Frankfurt First Class Terminal and Lounge.

For me, this SkyClub is a game-changer. It so far surpasses whatever Alaska Airlines Club and the AmEx Centurions have going here in the Seattle airport. This underscores Delta’s commitment to the Seattle hub and sets the new standard in excellence for airport lounges. This SkyClub, and the recently opened flagship Sky Club at Concourse B in Atlanta, are the blueprints for Delta’s forward thinking in the airport lounge strategy.

As Medeiros made the point “Delta is doing 153 departures daily right outside from those windows …and we’re not anywhere close to being done.” The Sky Club is, as he stated, planting Delta’s flag in the ground in Seattle.



Impressive Delta, very impressive.


Have you had the opportunity to visit the new SkyClub?  Will you alter your plans to make sure you get a chance to spend some time here? Let us know in the comments below…  Thank you, John @laptoptravel

Delta Sky Club Dallas DFW Airport Review – Terminal E Remodeled location near Gate E11

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A Guest Post by John @laptoptravel

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Front Desk

Click any photo for full screen slideshow

Recently I spent quite a number of days in the Dallas area doing some (photographic) work, attending the NASCAR Duck Commander Race and Re-Qualifying my Hyatt Hotels Gold Passport Diamond status.  During that time, Delta completed its remodel of its Sky Club, located next to Gate E11. It re-opened 48 hours before my departure flight from Dallas. Given the opportunity, I checked out of my Hyatt DFW hotel suite to spend a few hours at the Sky Club and review it for René and his readers.

New Directions and Entrance

Upon exiting the TSA security lines, right in front of TGI Friday’s, most passengers would notice the sign directing them to the new Sky Club; a left turn towards Gate E11. The previous Sky Club had been located in the same Terminal (E) at mezzanine Level, by gates E22-30. It is quite a walk from the TSA lines to the new club, but that will improve when there will be a new security queue closer to Delta check-in counters around the end of May.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Exit TSA Security Sign

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Entrance (2)

During the grand re-opening, Delta placed an arch at the entrance made up of blue and red balloons.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Entrance (1)

Upon entering, one is greeted by a nice front desk area done in deep wood colors and a large Delta Sky Club sign mounted on an acrylic surface on the back wall. Behind this desk, to the left are the restrooms.  The desk has the Sky Club card readers now out on the desk so a guest can hold on to their membership card, guest pass or mobile device while having their credentials scanned; no need to hand anything over to a desk agent here.

Crowded, But Not Really?

I arrived at the Sky Club just past 2:00pm and found it to be about one-third full.  Having said that, understand that 95 percent of all guests were seated by the food service line, bar and windows that face out towards the tarmac and runways. It is strange that Delta’s guests in the lounge will be looking out the windows to United and JetBlue jet ways, aircraft and signage. I am not used to that, but the lounge’s location is not directly on Delta gate locations.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Gate Windows (1)

SkyClub Guests will have JetBlue and United Airlines aircraft and signage to look upon


As I stood at the desk I saw many seating areas (four specifically) behind me.  Of the 40 seats or more, only three were occupied. There is a room that seemed more colorful and better lit, but appeared to be a family or reading area.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating 01

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (8)

Next to it was a row of work cubicles; a chair, a counter and two A/C outlets. I found those to be oddly claustrophobic as the cubicle sides run very high from the floor and were very narrow in my opinion. Off down a hall from the cubicles were two larger private cubicles that could seat two with a counter, a single chair and outlets.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Cubicles (3)

Past those two units one will find the ‘business center,’ simple as that may be. A motorized shoe buffer is to find on the floor, along with two trash receptacles, a paper shredder as well as a single printer that operates as a HotSpot Printer™.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Business Center

“Business Center”

There is a conference room located in the Sky Club which seats six comfortably.  I observed no counters or shelves in the room; just a desk and six high-back chairs on rollers.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Conference Room

There are six chairs grouped near the front entrance area.  Strangely, there are only two power outlets to be found between them all. I witnessed more than one person attempt to sit in one of these and search for a nearby outlet.  After I pointed out that they had none each person chose to move to another area where an outlet was mounted next to a seat.  I think that with the needs of devices today power outlets should be plentiful in airports and especially at a lounge that caters to (mostly) its most frequent of flyers.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (9)

A lack of power outlets throughout

Food and Beverage Service

There are three areas for food and beverages.  The first, closest to the front desk is along a wall that has a single television mounted above.  The television showed a local news channel the entire time.  On that service line one will find a two-layered shelf of coffee cups, two (portable) dispensers (one for coffee, the other for hot water), a carafe of cream, flavorings, sweeteners, stir sticks, an assortment of teas, and lastly napkins. A trash receptacle is at the end of the counter. It is a very bare presentation and overtly states its lack of abundance.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service

That’s a bare minimum service!

The second, the more familiar area to most guests, is the food service line.  This is found farthest from the entrance along a wall that at one end is next to the bar area and on the other end finds the row of windows providing views to the airport’s runways.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (2)

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (1)

Again, the simplicity is highly understated for a lounge of the (arguably) largest airline in the world and its passengers, guests and worldwide SkyTeam members. Quite concisely, it offers the minimum one would expect from a Sky Club, and the minimum just won’t do for many in today’s evolving competitive landscape of airport lounge expansions and refreshing.

Plastic utensils are found in a clear plastic holder, followed by two soup choices (this day they offered Wicked Thai Chicken with Rice and a Vegan Vegetable.) This was followed by a large plastic container holding ice and three plastic food holders.  The first contained half cauliflower and celery sticks, the next offered sliced red peppers and raw baby carrots and the third held raw baby carrots (yes, again) and sliced cucumbers. It seemed obvious to fill one of the containers with all raw carrots, but that would visually detract from the presentation; in this manner it appears that six offering are being made, where in fact it is just five.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (2)

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (3)

To the right of the vegetables a single stainless steel bowl set on ice holds green lettuce; nothing more.  It is flanked by your choice of ranch and Caesar dressings as well as oil and vinegar pouring bottles. No croutons, grated cheese or any other food accoutrements one might anticipate in a lounge (supposedly) designed for the comfort and luxury of its guests.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (4)

Next, we find two stainless steel serving bowls; one contains a vegetable salad of banana peppers, olives, carrots, red peppers and beans.  In the second one can have (in my opinion) the delicious chicken salad.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (5)

Lastly, there is dessert; a poor and failed attempt at the objective.  There is a tray of ginger cookies alongside (in this case, a fully supplied stock of eleven pieces) of a cherry cheesecake; the only flavor offered.

Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Food Service Line (6)

If you haven’t been underwhelmed sufficiently yet, let me take you to the third and last opportunity for food or beverage; in this case the bar.

Let me pause for a moment and reflect on what I had hoped for in the bar, or least had anticipated when I knew that the Sky Club was re-opening at Gate E11.  I have visited a lot of Sky Clubs and although I did not expect the Luxury Bar of the JFK Flagship Sky Club or the modernly elegant San Francisco Sky Club lounge, I had as my minimum expectations the previous bar at the Sky Club that had been located on the Mezzanine level near Gate 22.

RenesPoints_Old DFW SKyClub Bar

The “old” SkyClub’s Bar at the DFW Airport


Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Seating (13)

The NEW SkyClub’s Bar at the DFW Airport (E11)

Are You Impressed Yet?

This bar has (again) a feeling of claustrophobia, in that it is merely four high chairs along a straight counter with no signage or decoration one might expect from a Delta Sky Club bar. Just look below in its basic presentation. What do you think?  The liquor bottles are just sitting along the plain, flat-painted back wall on shelves; nothing distinctive. There is the smallest TV on top of a cabinet in the corner; no huge wide-screen display, or multiple TV’s mounted like in many of the Sky Clubs.


Delta DFW SkyClub E11 Service from the Heart

Service from the Heart (Delta Founder’s Saying) Found on the Floor of the New DFW SkyClub

Final Thoughts

Last year, René reviewed the old SkyClub.  In that review he stated: “Overall this is one of the nicest Skyclubs I have been in.” Unfortunately, this new SkyClub falls short when it comes to the food and service areas as well as the availability of power outlets at more seats.  In my opinion, they had the space, the previous SkyClub and so many others to pick from the best but fell short.  Have fun flying…we’ll see you there! Have you visited the new DFW Sky Club? What is your opinion of the “new” lounge?   John @laptoptravel