SkyWest Airlines


Delta continues to plague itself (and passengers) with one phrase: “CRJ-200.” Notice I worded today’s headline as “Would You Ride…” instead of “Will You Ride…” Because it feels as though Delta will never get rid of Satan’s Chariot. (Which really exemplified its nickname when a CRJ-200 “assaulted” a priest!) In 2012, ch-aviation reported that SkyWest (a Delta Connection contractor) and Delta “reached an agreement to amend their existing Delta Connection contract allowing Delta to retire its 66 CRJ-100s and CRJ-200s currently operated on its behalf by Skywest either in Delta Connection or Skywest colours. The CRJ-200s will be retired as of (May 2012) with the last of the 66 CRJ-200s to be retired by December 2015.” Nearly four years later, SkyWest CRJ-200s are still operating Delta Connection flights. (Like this one. And this one. And this one. And another.) Many #AvGeeks enjoy riding an aircraft model’s final flight with a…