Southwest Airlines


Even though this blog focuses most of its time on Delta Air Lines-related matters, many of us fly other carriers, too. Maybe price, distance, schedule, or employer-mandated travel policies play a role in those decisions.

Based on emails, tweets, comments, and personal interactions, I know Southwest has quickly become a favorite for some readers. One of my clients is a die-hard Southwest fan, so I’m on their planes well over a dozen times each year.

So if you fly the Airline of LUV, check your Rapid Rewards account for this targeted offer. It’s a nice chance to scoop up to 12,000 bonus points.

There are a few catches, though.

Two weeks remain in January. This is especially important for cardholders of the personal/consumer Platinum Card from American Express, the Business Platinum Card from American Express, and personal/consumer American Express Gold Card.

Why? Because this month is when existing cardholders may change their preferred airline for their card’s (or cards’) annual airline incidental credit. (New cardmembers applying later in the year can select their airline upon receiving their card.)

Which cards get how much credit each year? Does every airline participate? What charges are eligible? Let’s tackle those questions!

Heads up, Southwest travelers. Hopefully it’s a glitch (or payback for my teasing them) but the airline of LUV quoted me two wildly different prices to change an award flight. Quick Backstory My family and I have an upcoming trip to Las Vegas for a friend’s birthday party. We opted to fly Southwest from Burbank instead of Delta out of LAX for a few reasons: LAX is a disaster right now (more than usual). Flying to Vegas from LAX would take longer than driving. BUR is closer to our house. And much simpler. I had Rapid Rewards points to burn, thanks to one of my clients who nearly always books us contractors on Southwest I had enough Rapid Rewards points for one round trip, so I used them for my reservation. My wife and daughter booked using a separate Rapid Rewards account topped off with enough points thanks to a…

If you hold elite status with an airline other than Delta, today is the day to begin a Delta Medallion status match challenge. Once you match status and meet certain challenge thresholds for MQM (Medallion Qualification Miles) or MQS (Medallion Qualification Segments) and MQD (Medallion Qualification Dollar) spending, you’ll hold Delta status the rest of this year and all of next Medallion year — which ends on January 31, 2021! But today is critical in the status match challenge calendar. I’ll tell you why in a minute. What Are the Status Match Requirements? There are three requirements to qualify for a status match challenge — and you must meet all of them. Per Delta: You have not received a Status Match or complimentary Medallion Status in the past three years, unless the complimentary Medallion Status was through your Million Miler Status. You currently have elite status with a qualifying airline that was earned through…

Last Friday The Today show had as a guest Kenlie Tiggeman, who is currently suing Southwest Airlines over an incident where she was told she was “too fat to fly” by a gate agent. Whether you agree or not with her issues with Southwest in her legal case, this is something that brings up a range of questions in my mind. Now please bear in mind that I am not exactly tiny (yeah like most I need to drop about 30 lbs), so I get the problems with the reductions in seat sizes and this is one reason I like to sit “in front of the curtain”. You might remember my humorous post about things that will get you kicked off a Delta flight? It included being a “passenger of size” although in reality they will try to accommodate you in some way as you will see! Seriously though, my…