The first half of 2019 has been ugly — to put it mildly — for Boeing and its 737 MAX. Two MAXes crashed (one in October, the other in March), both killing everyone on board. Software issues were blamed, despite warnings from pilots. Governments around the world ordered the planes grounded. Even ferry flights parking the planes were fraught with problems. Initial reports suggested software fixes would be in place for June test flights. Then came news that the planes wouldn’t be ready until August. And last week came another update: a “runaway stabilizer condition” (which sounds rather important) crept up. Don’t be surprised if its takes until April 2020 for the MAX to fly again. In fact, there’s an extensive Wikipedia page devoted solely to the 737 MAX groundings. Boeing’s stock has dropped 11% since March after airlines canceled orders. Could shelving the 737 MAX and evolving it into…