Thursday, July 14, 2016  by John @laptoptravel We are seeing an attack fare by Delta Air Lines on American Airlines’ Phoenix hub and this means great opportunities to fly to one of Tokyo’s two airports; either Narita or Haneda Airport.  Delta seems to be offering this deal to both airports, based on the itinerary. Haneda is much close to the city of Tokyo so may be a better choice if you want a sightseeing day in the city. There are even itineraries that include a ride on a Boeing 747 in either or both directions (Seattle to/from Narita.) Plus, this becomes a Mileage Run in that you can stay as little as one day and night and fly back. Also, visit a Delta SkyClub in the Narita Airport, see Rene’s recent visit report here. Re-positioning should be really easy right now in several ways; Delta is having an award…