Ridesharing’s popularity continues to grow — and banks know travel-savvy cardholders want to be well rewarded for Uber and Lyft purchases.

We’ve certainly seen a marked increase not only in travel and transit categories but some boosts to general cashback cards, as well.

The busy holiday season means airport rides and holiday celebrations — a perfect time to use rideshare! So with that, here are our picks for the best credit cards to use on your rideshare purchases!

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! If you’re celebrating, I hope you’re having a great time! (And being responsible: please call Uber, Lyft — just make sure the trunk is closed! — a friend, or a family member if you need a lift home.) If you’re stuck at work or somewhere you can’t see fireworks, don’t feel left out! We’ve got you covered. Because most of us are AvGeeks and love views from above, here are some fun YouTube videos of fireworks seen from airplanes and drones! This one isn’t as dramatic as it sounds — but there’s still some pretty cool footage: Enjoy the rest of your holiday evening! (And if you’re in the mood for some more YouTube binge-watching, check out Real Lives of Flight Attendants and Pilots: Our Favorite YouTube Vloggers!)

Still on the fence about taking advantage of some of the highest ever welcome bonuses (OFFER EXPIRED — SEE CURRENT OFFER) we’ve seen for Delta American Express cards? Can’t think of how you’ll meet the minimum spend in just three months? Don’t worry. We’re here to brainstorm! There are plenty of ways to meet your minimum spend requirements in the next three months. Remember this very important rule: never buy something you wouldn’t normally purchase or go over your budget. Interest fees could easily negate the points you earn. Also, keep in mind that your minimum spend period begins the day your card application is approved, not the day you receive or activate your card. If your card application is instantly approved, Amex generally provides you a card number, expiration date, and CVV you can use to start shopping online right away. Make sure to take advantage of that! All…